accessibility in common house
From: Audrey Watson (
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 15:27:49 -0700 (PDT)

At Winslow, the common house is on a hill, with Main floor accessible at one level, and then you ramp down the hill (outdoors) and go around, and can access the guest room, laundry room, and play room. The downstairs level is on the level of one of our branches of duplexes, the main floor is on the same level as another of our branches of duplexes and the 2 other buildings. Four years ago, when one resident had an accident, it turned out the only shower in the place he could use with his wheelchair was the one associated with our guest room in the common house. He was only in the wheel chair temporarily, so was able to borrow that one when needed. Last year another resident ended up in a wheel chair, and they ended up moving from the 2-story duplex (with both bedrooms on the second floor) they owned into a one-bedroom ground floor unit, in another building. They did redo the shower in that unit to make it work better for a wheel chair. We also had to do some trading of parking spaces, so their new wheel chair van could be parked in a place where he could get in and out of it. (access to the side doors of the van with a wheel chair). Our main paths are concrete or asphalt, but now we are looking at how we could make the garden wheel chair accessible, as the paths in the garden are covered with bark, and are not wheel friendly. It's surprising how easily things become non-accessible if you aren't careful. Our common house kitchen isn't particularly wheel chair friendly, it was designed originally to be so, but various storage cabinets added over the years have made the width of the aisles much tighter. We discussed replacing our sink in the main common house bathroom, and then realized that we needed to leave it as is, again for wheel chair accessibility.
--audrey watson
winslow cohousing
bainbridge island, wa

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