Re: [common house accessibility
From: James Kacki (
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 21:05:37 -0700 (PDT)
A good concept Kathryn,
Keep in mind if you want to use that feature for wheelchair accessibility,any outside ramps (with rails) to get from the upper level to the lowest level must have a maximum slope of 1:12, that is twelve feet of run for every 1 foot of rise. If you use slopes in the landscape (sidewalks /paths without rails), the maximum slope should be 1:20. Good luck with your project. Chaswood Green sounds wonderful.
James from Winnipeg

On 8-May-08, at 5:34 PM, Ed and/or Kathryn Belzer wrote:


At the meetings for the Commonhouse design for Chaswood Green, we
have now on the table a design whereby the CH will be built like a
"hillside barn" in that the lower level will be walk out, at the
bottom of the hill; and the upper level will also be accessible
because the upper side of the hill allows for this side to be at
ground level at the top of the hill.  This may work out to spare us
the electricity load of an elevator.

Kathryn Belzer
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