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Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 11:54:57 -0700 (PDT)
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I recently saw something similar constructed on a lot in a medium size town in MD. Two artists built two small houses on one lot, one on the street and one behind that were live work studios. They had a bedroom upstairs, kitchen and bath downstairs, and the living room was their studio. Each was perfectly livable for one person. And they filled the whole lot with a small path on one side and small gardens all around -- small being 2-3 feet, enough to soften the appearance of the foundations.

I also saw a free standing bank vault that has been renovated into a house. It was VERY small. Maybe 15 ft square and not two stories tall. Two men lived there. They created a half-floor for the upstairs barely large enough to hold a bed, a closet, a wine rack, and a bathroom. Downstairs was a small living room/kitchen and a half bath. It was lovely but it was only a bit larger than the parking space they had beside it. But they were in the heart of the city with a parking space
and could walk to work.

An overwhelming amount of innovative small homes and buildings already exist. Bank vaults, boats, rail road cars. This is just a very small sample of things I've found.

A good example of infill in Toronto has gotten a lot of publicity in the past few years:
Here's the real estate seller's page on this home

Jeff Shafer of California builds homes on foundations and on wheels

First Day Cottage of New Hampshire

Go to Architectural House Plans and search for plans under 1,000 square feet

And there always are the Katrina Cottages

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