Re: Truly affordable cohousing
From: balaji (
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 15:35:57 -0700 (PDT)

The UTAH VALLEY COMMONS has been in formation for less than a year, and at
present we have 5-6 households who have expressed strong interest.  Our
basic goals are described on the web page ( and
remain pretty well established.  We see it as a cohousing ecovillage not
unlike others, such as Ecovillage Ithaca and Earthsong (in New Zealand.)
The only significant difference is that demographically we reflect the
larger community that surrounds us in Utah:  we are mostly Mormons.  But
we have been extremely careful to define ourselves as a diverse group,
open to everyone, and with no official political or religious orientation.
We are still debating issues of cost and location.  Our hope is to recruit
more members this year, and then purchase land and start development the
following.  That is ambitious, we know, but we are a society of optimists!

Best wishes,

Charles Nuckolls
Utah Valley Commons

> Charles,
> Thank you for bringing your project to our attention. I've briefly
> looked at your web site. I was wondering how long you have been 'in
> formation'. Also, are the list of points on you home page the
> 'official' adopted goals and mission for your project? Or is that
> still under development?
> At 1:26 AM -0600 5/12/08, balaji [at] wrote:
>>The Utah Valley Commons, a cohousing group in formation, subscribes to
>> the
>>philosophy you describe.  You are welcome to join our discussion on Yahoo
>>or vist our website (  We have many of the
>> same
>>questions you do, and are actively seeking solutions.  Our plan is for a
>>community of no more than 35 households, surrounded by land sufficient
>> for
>>organic gardening and/or CSA.  We intend to be within commuting distance
>>of Provo (south of Salt Lake City.)
>>Thanks for your input on the issue of affordability.
> --
> Cheers!
> Marganne
> Small House Society
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