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From: John Faust (
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 08:17:16 -0700 (PDT)
This reference 
a brief explanation of what affordable housing is from the
government's (HUD's) perspective. Surprisingly, it is not an unreasonable
goal but clearly the programs listed there haven't been all that effective.
The stated goal is to provide housing for all at costs that don't exceed 30%
of their income. Naturally, the problem is a shortage for low income
families. The glitches are the usual: shredded safety nets, rapidly
disappearing manufacturing jobs, lack of training programs and opportunities
for analytical work, predatory capitalism, subprime ethics, and the abysmal
level of minimum wage. Right now there are over 12 million
renters/homeowners that pay more than 50% for shelter which impacts good
nutrition, health care and educational opportunities.

So affordable housing does address the proper income group but doesn't do it
effectively. What could cohousing do? Difficult to say. One of the programs
is called Homeownership Zones--a basically unfunded program. It is described
in the article in this way.

The Homeownership
allows communities to reclaim vacant and blighted properties,
increase homeownership, and promote economic revitalization by creating
entire neighborhoods of new, single-family homes, called Homeownership
Zones. Communities that apply for HOZ funds are encouraged to use New
Urbanist design principles by providing for a pedestrian-friendly
environment, a mix of incomes and compatible uses, defined neighborhood
boundaries and access to jobs and mass transit. There have been two
competitive funding rounds, one in 1996 and one in 1997. No further funding
has yet been made available for this program.

You can find information about New Urbanist design here<>and
here <>. You will find that
they are very compatible with cohousing view. Clearly the problem is to get
funding for such programs. Maybe an earmark from your local, compassionate
representative. :^)

John Faust

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