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The Bank was different, certainly, although its main purpose was to serve
as credit vehicle for the Kirtland LDS community.  It was insufficiently
capitalized, and when the economy turned sour in 1837 there was a run on
the bank.  There were many reasons the Mormons had to leave Kirtland for
Missouri shortly after, but the bank failure was one of them.  Subsequent
attempts to create internal financial mechanisms within this community
were much more successful, especially after the exodus to Utah.

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>> the same call for financial innovation was made in the 19th century,
>> in the hay-day of the Associationist movement.  People like Albert
>> Brisbane and Horace Greeley tried to set up lending programs that
>> would operate within the "phalanxes" (what we call "cohousing") and
>> thus avoid the perils of conventional banking.  The Mormons tried
>> something similar in the 1830's in Ohio with the "Kirtland Savings
>> Association."  Unfortunately, their efforts did not bear fruit --
>> the Kirtland Bank exploded quite spectacularly -- and the
>> cohousing-like phalanxes all collapsed, one by one, leaving
>> mountains of debt in their wake.
> Were the bank failures different, or did they fail for similar reasons?
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