Re: Variations on low cost housing
From: Lindsay Morris (
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 06:01:30 -0700 (PDT)
It's a lovely idea, original and brimming with possibilities.
All ideas are incomplete at first, but nothing happens without the idea.
So let's celebrate this one!

When I step into problem-solving mode, I see many ways to adapt the idea to 
resolve some or all of these concerns - so many that.... well, I have to get 
back to work now.

But thanks for the idea!!!

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> > One of the interesting things they found was that teenagers would go
> > out and build their own houses at about 14. At first the teenagers
> > had their own houses but came back to the main house for meals. At
> > 16, they tended to be more self-sufficient and only visited once a
> > day or so.
> >
> > That experience, I think, says something interesting about how
> > independent children are ready to be at what ages. If I had a
> > million dollars to invest, I would build group homes for teens and
> > post teens who are not ready and can't afford to live alone but need
> > to be on their own. Something similar to college dorms for kids who
> > don't go to college. They don't have the advantage of that
> > transition.
> >
> > But for low cost housing, thinking things like this might help.
> Thought experiment: someone gives you that million dollars.  How do
> you permit these habitable outbuildings, in what zoning, such that the
> children aren't hauled off to foster homes or jail for one reason or
> another?  Where in metro Washington DC, full of entry-level jobs in
> everything and cheap transportation, would 14 year olds be allowed to
> work full time, not attend school, build their own houses (marry,
> raise children, etc.)?  How does a reputable developer solve these
> legal problems on a budget of 15% of a $20K starter cottage?
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