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From: Vipul Joshi (
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 11:05:10 -0700 (PDT)
I'm looking to start a cohousing in coastal San Diego County. I have found 
there are a number of property owners, in the area I am interested in building, 
who are in the process of trying to entitle their vacant land with site plans 
of 10-20 single family homes.  The parcels are about 5-15 acres in size, 
surrounded by single family homes, with easy access to utilities, road access, 
etc.  Most of the land is flat.  
I would like to approach these property owners with a presentation of the 
adavantages of considering a cohousing development. I believe their first 
question will be, how many units will I get?  Using logic, it would seem you 
can get several more units by eliminating the need for individual driveways.  
There will need to be a balance between density and the size of each home, 
since the norm in the area is for very large homes which have been bringing in 
very high prices. However, I think if I can present a package that includes 
slightly higher density, lower building costs, a ready of pool of buyers, and 
support from local government for a "model sustainability project", the 
property owners would be willing to partner in the project and carry the land 
costs through to development.
I searched the Cohousing Wiki site, but was unable to find any sample site 
plans that would illustrate a typical layout of units within a cohousing 
development. I realize there is no such thing as typical, given the individual 
constraints of each property, but I'm hoping to be able to convey to these 
property owners that there are some real advantages just from a site planning 
stand point.  
Can anyone recommend resources for obtaining such "sample site plans?"  
If my approach brings up any comments or suggestions, I'd be very interested in 
hearing them.
Finally, if you are interested in the project, you can email me directly.  I 
have yet to launch a MeetUp or Yahoo group pending some more progress towards 
determining the feasibility of doing a project in the area I am currently 
pursuing.  I know this is counter to the general recommendation: to build the 
community first and then go after the land.  But San Diego has had several 
failed attempts at Cohousing and I think part of the problem has been in 
maintaining focus and hope in the face of insanely high land prices. I am 
confident that with a feasible project in mind, the community will form with a 
much more focused vision and still have the capacity to have an input into the 
design of the development.  
Thank you for your consideration.
Vipul Joshi
vip_joshi [at]
San Diego, CA
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