Re: Any Small Places for Rent
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 08:21:17 -0700 (PDT)
Here on Florida's Suncoast, we're not much into log cabins, but we are into Key 
West cottages.  Our forming group is in favor of smaller 750 ft2 - 1200 ft2, 
cottages.  We're going "green" with the use of panelized building materials 
(foam between concrete board) which offer great insulation, nothing for 
termites to eat, and storm resistance up to 200 mph winds.  Topped off with 
metal roofs, we hope our homes will be cute as a button and snug as a bug in a 
rug when "de hurricane blow mon."  Our homes' panelized skeletons will be 
manufactured locally in Englewood, FL by HomeFront Homes of Katrina Cottage 
fame.  Check out<> and<> to see what we have in 
mind.     .....Van.....  941.408.7440    

Suncoast Cohousing of Sarasota County, FL
An Elder Rich Community in the making.
vandeist [at]<mailto:vandeist [at]>   
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  Where did you get this idea that a log cabin is an ideal way to live?

  Sure, they are pretty, but they are not inexpensive or sustainable (use way 
  too many trees) and not very energy effiicient. Plus they are prone to bugs 
  unless you use huge amounts of chemicals.

  I'm not aware of any cohousing communities with log cabins. Perhaps someone 
  else knows of one? 

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