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Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 15:38:50 -0700 (PDT)
By the way, there are also two other sessions relating to this, and I'll be 
addressing some of it in my two day Coho U session on sustainability.


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I've been thinking about affordable cohousing lately - in my copius free
time (grin). I am NOT a member of the Affordable Cohousing Task Group, a
board-driven initiative. I have, however, heard just a little about their
early findings. Part of what I've found inspiring is to hear of the MANY
creative solutions currently in practice by different established cohousing
communities all over the country.

That group will be (formally) sharing their findings for the first time in a
afternoon session on Friday, 6/18 at the Natl. Coho. Conference in Boulder,
but I expect it will be more broadly disseminated afterward. I know that
some of you in this dialog have already registered and I hope you're able to
help this most important topic get the required attention.

If we continue to gain momentum with this task group's work, we will be
much better positioned to leverage the 2011 Natl Cohousing Conference in
Washington DC to influence policy makers. Maybe I'm naive about the
potential impact, but it seems that so much would be possible with a little
governmental attention/funding - and what an opportunity it would seem to be
with our president - a man who's early career was as a community organizer.

Craig Ragland
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Hope to see you in beautiful Boulder:

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