Re: Your community social fabric and HOA dues
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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 09:04:43 -0700 (PDT)
elizabeth - how about with regards to the hoa dues assessment. you have quite a 
disparity in housing sizes.
if you assess on a fair distribution basis, the larger homes would have way 
higher dues than the smaller homes.
is there push-back from larger homes who have high dues or issues from smaller 
unit owners about subsidizing the larger home owners?thxalan o. 
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>>On the social class topic, if you have "camps" that form in your community 
>>around >>house size, how does your community bridge those differences?

Our houses vary from 750sf to 2100sf, from 1BR to 4BR, about 1/4 are
affordable homes.

The divisions that *I* am aware of in our community are:
-People with young kids, people without young kids
-North Kingdom, South Kingdom (not actually conflict, we just don't
*see* each other)
-Maybe people who mostly come to meals and people who don't often?
-We may still have some conflict between folk who paid full price and
people who bought the homes after the prices were discounted. (This
maps with early move-in versus late move-in--over two years, so maybe
money wasn't the issue?)
-We may still have some conflict between guarantors of the
construction loan and folk who didn't guarantee the loan (although in
the end the non-guarantors helped make that all work out ok.)

So, the answer is that we've had some conflict around money but it
isn't matched with either unit *size* nor with *affordable versus
market rate*.

It's possible other folks at Mosaic see different conflict than I do, of course.
(The Rev. Dr.) Elizabeth M. Magill in Berlin, MA


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