inviting submissions for Communities magazine issue #194: The Digital Divide
From: Chris Roth - Communities Editor (
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2021 13:25:54 -0700 (PDT)
Hello cohousers,

Judging from discussions I've already seen happen here, I am pretty certain that many on this list would have something valuable to contribute to Communities magazine's Spring 2022 issue, just announced: "The Digital Divide." Full submissions info is at (which leads to: Here's some basic info, plus article prompts:

Communitiesmagazine is now seeking articles for issue #194, “The Digital Divide.” The issue will be out in March 2022.

Please send your article ideas to editor [at] as soon as you can, in advance of your article submission if possible.

We ask that your final article reach us byFriday, November 26, 2021.

1. Theme articles:The Digital Divide

Please share your experiences, stories, and perspectives in response to any (or any combination) of the following questions:

 * What is your community’s culture around online communication vs.
   in-person communication?
 * Does your community experience tension between digital natives and
   older generations who grew up without digital devices as part of
   their daily lives?
 * Do you have community agreements about children’s use of digital
   devices? Have issues arisen in this area?
 * How has the pandemic impacted your community’s use of digital
   communications technology? Did you change your meetings to entirely
   virtual? Have you attempted hybrid virtual/in-person meetings? Have
   you found ways to do either of these as successfully as in-person
   gatherings? What factors aided or impeded satisfactory meetings?
   What kinds of issues have arisen because of your experiences with
   attempting virtual meetings and other technology-reliant adaptations?
 * As we emerge from this phase of the pandemic, do you
   believe measures adopted during the pandemic will have a lasting
   impact? Have you experienced any permanent changes in your
   relationship to digital technology because of the pandemic? Do you
   anticipate continuing to meet virtually?
 * What are the benefits and downsides of digital communications within
   your community?
 * What is your opinion on the digital world’s impact on our health and
 * Are digital technologies a “leveling force” within your community
   and in your larger networks, allowing the usually voiceless to have
   a voice as well? Have they helped bring you together as equals?
 * Or has the use of digital technologies privileged some and
   disadvantaged others? Has it been divisive? Has it been more
   damaging than helpful to your sense of community?
 * In what other areas have you made choices between “analog” and
   “digital” methods of running your community? Do you use one, the
   other, or both approaches, when doing such things as planning meals,
   signing up for chores, scheduling meetings, organizing events, etc.?
 * Have you developed tools or protocols that could be helpful to other
   communities in navigating these issues and possibly bridging the
   digital divide?

Again, full info is at <>. Hope to hear from you!

- Chris Roth, Editor, Communities, editor [at],

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