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Kevin Wolf

         This booklet was written April - September 1994, by Kevin Wolf and
was based on the booklet. "Meeting Facilitation: the No Magic Method." by
Berit Lakey of the Movement for a New Society.  Some sections came from the
work of John Glaser of Glaser and Associates,  Jim Hickman and the Support
Center.  However, much of the material has been culled from 15 years of
experience in facilitating meetings, making agendas and training.  For more
information on this material contact:


724 N Street

Davis, CA  95616

kevin [at]

Phone (530) 758-4211

Fax (530) 758-2338

This manual can be found on and downloaded

from the World Wide Web at the following address:

© 1997, Reprint policy: You are allowed to reprint and use this manual

as long as you include this cover page with any copy.

I would appreciate, but do not require, a contribution to Friends of the
River whenever you reprint this manual since they are the ones

who initially taught me how to facilitate.

Suggested donation: $1.00 for every time you reprint or distribute this

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