Re: Daily check ins?
From: Ted J Rau (
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2021 09:20:03 -0700 (PDT)
We have individual checkins too. I often wondered about formalizing it so
we can be sure no one falls through the cracks. I’d love to hear what you
come up with.

During the first 6 months of the pandemic, we formed pods of adjacent
houses and made sure to hear from each other in the pod - first about
daily, then every few days.
Some pods are still meeting actually.


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> > How does your community handle this issue?
> Our community doesn’t do this as whole but individuals do check in with
> other individuals. They are personal arrangements so they are very
> individual.
> From a friend in living in a Kendal community, one of several reasons
> everyone is required to eat one meal a day in the dining room (or have a
> meal delivered) is that it is at least one check a day on whether someone
> is up and about.
> One practice in a section of units that opened on a common hallway was
> that each resident put a ceramic or wood sculpture outside their door each
> morning when they woke up. If all the sculptures were out by 9, they took
> them all in. If one wasn’t, someone would knock on their door to check.
> It was effective and developed the habit of checking in everyday. Not just
> checkin on someone else but checking one’s self in. Waving your flag.
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