Re: Post-Covid Hybrid Meetings -- What is your community doing?
From: Fiona Frank (
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2021 11:26:24 -0700 (PDT)
I just tried to do a hybrid thing last night - streaming a live service
team meeting so that some prospective members could attend.  So it'wasn't
fully hybrid ie we didn't have members in the zoom room wanting to
I set up a wide angle camera on a tall tripod, hooked up to my zoom on my
I had the laptop screen on gallery facing the meeting so people could see
the perspectives, whereas I had the pic of the meeting spotlighted for the
zoom participants.

I sat behind the laptop next to the tripod, and had the meeting also on
zoom on my phone so I could check the chat and keep in touch with the

I think if we had members also wanting to participate, i could have set up
an external speaker on the laptop and that would have worked.

We're having a GM on sat that I'm trying to do this with too.

Look forward to other thoughts!

I tried to retire from my job at the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities
last sept and the last thing i did was submit a bid which was successful
for a £50,000, 2 year project to develop hybrid meetings for the Scottish
Jewish Communities. We've just appointed a dream team of a tech person, a
project manager, and two 'on the ground' guys who'll run round scotland
helping the communities.... we have a budget for equipment to set up in 2
centres (Glasgow and Edinburgh) - I say 'tried to retire' - I ended up
managing the recruitment process over the last 3 months and will keep in
touch with the project... so I can feed in from that too.

Fiona in Lancaster Cohousing, north west england

On Thu, 9 Sept 2021 at 19:17, Jan Innes <freshfig [at]> wrote:

> Here at Cornerstone, we are looking at how best to set up meetings which
> can be attended both in person and via computer. Zoom has served us well in
> the last year++ when there were no in-person meetings. Even after Covid
> regulations ease up, we see reasons to have a hybrid model available for
> members who cannot, for one reason or another, attend in person. Our
> primary use would likely be our monthly general meeting with 20-35 or so in
> person and anywhere from one to, say six, attending remotely.
> We are interested in hearing how other communities are handling the switch
> to a permanent hybrid option, and if is not being done, why.
> Thanks,
> *~ Jan Innes*
> *Cornerstone Village Cohousing*
> *Cambridge, MA *
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