building community to build cohousing workshop series starting Sept 14
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Cohousing Options invites you to join us for our upcoming workshop
series, "*Won't You Be My Neighbour?" *
Please share the details with your network and with
anyone else you think might be interested in learning more about building
community to build cohousing.

The full event details and registration page can be accessed via this:


*Won't You Be My Neighbour?

*Familiar with Cohousing? *

Do you have a group forming? or is your group stalled?

This three-part workshop series (one night/week) turns the focus from the
business of forming a cohousing group to strategies and tactics for
community building and why it matters. Examine what you want out of
cohousing and how it can change your lives.

It’s easy to focus on policies and the technical stuff. Our focus will be
on how to build your community's culture, creating a cohesive group that
can make big decisions with trust and confidence while having fun.

The workshop series will be moderated by Levitt CoHo’s
<> Alexandria Levitt and Kristopher Stevens
of Cohousing
Options Canada <>.

Participants will receive a copy of the book *State of the Art Cohousing by
Alexandria Levitt and Charles Durrett*
<>, a set of Cohousing
Options Canada 8 postcards summarizing cohousing & a Community Building
Checklist as well as a digital copy of *The GoCo Co-Ownership Guidebook

Week 1

*How does building community, build cohousing?*

This first session will focus on the principles and practices veteran
cohousers have gleaned from life experience that can help you cultivate a
high functioning, thriving and fun community able to take on the challenge
of building a cohousing development and live happily ever after.

September 14th, 7 - 9pm EST (4 -6pm PST)

Guest Speakers:

   - Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (Sociocracy for All
   <>, Program Director; Pioneer Valley
   Cohousing <>, Founding Member & Resident)
   - Shelly Parks (CoVision Consulting <>,
   Founder; Skagit Cohousing <>, Founding
   Member & soon to be Resident)
   - Cate de Vreede (Treehouse Village Ecohousing
   <>, Founding Member)

Week 2

*What makes a great Neighbour and neighbourhood, and why does it matter?*

The second session will explore what makes a great neighbourhood great and
why it matters through a combination of presentations by our veteran
cohousing and interactive exercises.

September 21st, 7 - 9pm EST (4 -6pm PST)

Guest Speakers:

   - Dyan Wiley (Pioneer Valley Cohousing <>,
   Founding Member)
   - Alan Carpenter (Windsong Cohousing <>, Founding
   Member & Resident, Canadian Cohousing Network <>,
   Founder & Director)

Week 3

*Can you co-buy, or co-live, in cohousing?*

The thirds session digs into what really makes a home, a great home, and
what are some creative ways to cultivate a co-living community within a
cohousing community. This workshop will combine presentations by our guest
experts and cohousers with interactive exercises.

September 28th, 7 - 9pm EST (4 -6pm PST)

Guest Speakers:

   - Leslie Gaynor (co-moderator as well) (GoCo Solutions
   <>, Founder; Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.
   <>, Sales Representative)
   - Alan O’Hashi (Silver Sage Village Cohousing
   <>, Member)

Alex Theodorakidis
Marketing and Systems Manager
Cohousing Options Canada Non-profit
478 Queen St. E., Suite 201
Toronto, ON M5A 1T7
Phone: 647-403-9048
Email: alexander [at]
Website: www.CohousingOptions.CA <>

*sent to Cohousing-l by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez*

*Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community*
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