work participation agreements in aging community
From: fernselzer (
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 11:38:32 -0700 (PDT)
Hi allI am wondering if there are any communities that have written work 
participation agreements that address the issues that come up as the community 
ages and there are more members who cannot do much physical work and even have 
cognitive limitations preventing them from participating fully on other teams 
that do non-physical tasks.  Another community gripe might be that those 
working hard to make their contribution feel it's unfair that others either 
feel justified or don't notice when they are not contributing.  These are some 
of the issues 1. same need for physical work around the property, fewer people 
able to do the work2.some people pay for hired workers because they can't 
accomplish much themselves, others just hang around on the teams but don't 
actually contribute much- as this goes on for a long time, it starts to feel 
unfair3. some people have contributed extra  over the years, yet now should 
they pay because they are no longer as productive?4. in our community, physical 
work hours and committee work hours are kind of separate - there are 
expectations in both areas and they are not interchangeable- do other 
communities do this?5. we have a smallish community and don't have the manpower 
to put someone in charge of a complicated work tracking system, yet some people 
resent the lack of fairness otherwise6. People may not be aware of their 
reduced capacity 
I know this is big territory and has been discussed before, but I am hoping 
that there are communities that have developed agreements and written them 
down.   Our community has discussed it a lot, but we have had difficulty in 
coming to any agreements.  ThanksFernNew Brighton Cohousing Aptos, CA

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