Sharing Costs in Cohousing
From: Ann Lehman (
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2021 16:09:12 -0700 (PDT)
*Sharing Costs in Cohousing*

PDX Commons (Portland, OR, Senior CoHousing) is reviewing how costs might
be allocated to members.  We are asking how others make this determination,
what are your dues based on i.e., individuals, sq ft, units, kids, access,
affordability, maintenance vs. fun etc.). Also and/or other dues you have
that might not be HOA but help pay for overall expenses.  Can you share
this with your treasurer or someone knowledgeable?

*1)    *Cohousing Name_____________________, Location____________________

How many *people* live in your community (roughly)?  ___________How many
separate *homes* are in your community?  __________ A main building
includes that includes most homes? _____ Attached building(s) for most
homes (townhouses, duplexes, etc.)?__________Separate buildings for most

*2)  What costs are shared* in your community?  (Select as many as apply)

    a) General operating costs (insurance, property taxes, utilities,

    b) Common space costs (furniture, appliances, play equipment,

    c) Community costs (food, entertainment, retreats, facilitators,

    d) Building repairs and maintenance____________

    e) Capital reserves (for repair and replacement of roofs, walls,

    f) Other (please describe)

*3) *How does your community *pay for common costs*? (Select as many as

    a) HOA fees?______________________

    b) Member dues?____________________

    c) Voluntary donations?________________

    d) Other (please describe) _____________________________________________

*4) * If you have *HOA Fees*/*Membership Dues* how do you allocate them? If
parts of your dues are divided by different criteria, which are parts are
included for the ways you divide up dues?

    a) Equal share for every unit regardless of

    b) Equal share for every unit of the *same*

    c) Based on square feet per

    d) Based on the number of people in the community______________ (whom
is included in this

     e) Other (please describe)

*5)* If you have* Voluntary Donations* as part of you dues do you have
suggested amounts?

    a) Equal share for every unit regardless of

    b) Equal share for every unit of the *same*

    c) Based on square feet per

    d) Based on the number of people in the

    e) Other (please describe)

*6)*  If you have Voluntary Donations, how do you cover costs if there *aren’t
enough donations*?

    a) Use community

    b) Ask members to donate

    c) Assess mandatory dues or

    d) Other (please describe)

*7) * How big is your *annual budget

a) What part of your budget is for reserves?__________________

b) Does everyone pay the same amount for reserves?_______________  If not
is it by (by household?_____________ by person?________________

8*)  What else* do you think would be useful to know about how your
community shares costs?

(Please describe)

Please return to ann [at]

*Ann Lehman, she/her
**Zimmerman Lehman
Board Governance Specialist
** <>

*Yoga Instructor
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