Re: Potentially dangerous dogs in cohousing
From: Joan Huntley (
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2021 19:24:04 -0700 (PDT)
Our community, Casa Verde Cohousing in Colorado Springs, has a team called
PORT - Pet Owners Responsibility Team. Several years ago the team updated
the Pet Policy - which I am attaching - to address concerns about
aggressive dog behavior. It's pretty clear in expectation and consequences
for failing to abide by the policy.

Our policy is not about pit bulls per se. I know some cities ban them.
Personally, I am a bit afraid of them as they seem to be aggressive when I
walk my lab. But I have friends who have pit bulls who absolutely love them
and say they are sweet. Several years ago I heard a fascinating interview
with a woman who wrote about the history of pit bulls and how they have
developed such a poor reputation. The book is called *Pit Bull: The Battle
over an American Icon* by Bronwen Dickey. It was interesting to learn the
pit bulls used to be a cherished American pet, think RCA Victor, Buster
Brown shoes and Little Rascals of yesteryear.

Hope this helps.

Joan Huntley
Colorado Springs

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> Hi all,
> At Sunnyside village cohousing we’re discussing the admission of
> potentially dangerous dogs into the community (we are a forming community
> and no one, including pets, are in residence yet).  Specifically, Pit
> Bulls, which are bred for destructive aggression. We’re wondering if other
> communities have policies about dogs (viscous or otherwise). If your
> community has eliminated dogs, we’d like to know the reasons for that, too.
> Dean Smith
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