Nov 20 Sociocracy in Community Conference
From: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 16:54:26 -0700 (PDT)
I’m excited about the online conference on sociocracy in community that’s
coming up on Nov 20. It’s hosted by the nonprofit Sociocracy For All, and
they have a lot of experience with hosting online events, and a lot of
great connections and people from cohousing in their sociocracy work.

Some of the topics are:


   The Four Necessary Conditions to Use Sociocracy Effectively in
   Intentional Communities (Diana Leafe-Christian)

   Health Check: reviewing and improving your implementation (Jerry

   How to start a community sociocratically (Ted Rau)

   Power and Transparency (John Schinnerer)

   Sociocracy: the missing part in the coliving model (Alex Soto)

   Conflict Happens. Expect it! (Gina Simm, Mandy Parry )

   Full Circle Evolution (Cate de Vreede)

… and many more! There’s even a whole Spanish and Portuguese program.

More info and the schedule is on the website:

I’ll be there! Looking forward to meeting people there who care about the
same things!

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
Pioneer Valley Cohousing.
To talk to me about sociocracy or NVC, go here:
Sociocracy: Effective Egalitarian Governance.
Check out our website Sociocracy For All <> and
join our mailing list <>.
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