Re: cats and dogs and sociocracy, and a copy of our pet policy
From: Richard L Kohlhaas (
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2021 19:46:29 -0700 (PDT)
Before we moved into Casa Verde, we had many discussions about a pet policy and 
a smoking policy.  We were finally able 
to agree that pets would not be allowed to smoke anywhere on the property.  

Dick Kohlhaas  
Member of Colorado Springs Cohousing Community at Casa Verde Commons
34 households on 4 acres  1.5 miles from center of city.  Built in 2002.

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> In my opinion, the outdoor cat issue was the most painful one we've
> had to deal with in our 27-yer history. We switched from consensus to
> dynamic governance/sociocracy about 8 years ago and only then were we
> able to resolve the tensions. Not likely we could have resolved it in
> meetings of the whole community of 40-50 people deciding by consensus.
> When we shifted to sociocracy, our Community Life Circle took on the
> responsibility for the pet policy. The 6 or 7 of us in the ComLife
> Circle surveyed, interviewed, researched and drafted a proposal. We
> shared that proposal with the whole community, got some feedback, made
> some minor revisions, and we, the Circle not the whole community, made
> the decision on the new policy. That was 7 years ago and not a meow
> since then. We tackled the dog policy and that also worked out without
> problems until someone brought in a too-lively dog a couple of years
> ago. We then added an enforceable accountability mechanism to the
> policy which led to more training of the dog and its owners. These
> aren't perfect policies but the policies and the process by which we
> created them have served the community well. If you want to hear more
> about sociocracy in community, come to the Sociocracy in Community
> Conference on November 20.  More info and the schedule is on the
> website:
> 2021 If you are wondering about the policies we adopted, you will find
> it below.
> Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
> Pioneer Valley Cohousing, Massachusetts

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