Changing the Global Food Narrative
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Subject: The dominant story about the future of the world food supply is
    logical, well known and wrong.

Rebecca Cramer wrote.
 Anyone can get these emails--They are very informative. I think that the
 muusja folks might want to know about these.

 Thanks for the great forum.

---------- Changing the Global Food Narrative -----------------
By Jonathan Foley
There's a powerful narrative being told about the world's food system - in
classrooms, boardrooms, foundations and the halls of government around the
world. And it makes complete sense when you listen to it. The problem is,
it's mostly based on flawed assumptions.

The article can be read at:

It is from...
 Ensia is a magazine and event series showcasing
 ENvironmental Solutions In Action ( ENSIA ).
 Powered by the Institute on the Environment at
 the University of Minnesota, we connect people who can change the
 world with the ideas and inspiration they need to do so.

To get their newsletter that Rebecca refers to see the "E-News"
link at ensia.

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