2nd try - ccc ideas from forum on 11/17
From: Shannon Williams (sjcfirstunitarian.org)
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 13:27:51 -0800 (PST)
Sorry, all - I guess the listserv didn't like my Word document.  I have
copied and pasted the ideas below that were generated at the 11/17
brainstorm.  For those of you who weren't there, the question was - "What
specific actions can we take, as individuals and the First Unitarian
Society, to reduce our carbon footprint?"


.         Carpooling/Mass Transit (4)

.         Encourage/facilitate regular advocacy (3)

o   Work with MUUSJA on legislative action

.         Recycle (2)

.         Reuse (2)

.         Composting & vermiculture (2)

.         Divest from oil & coal stocks (2)

.         "Green" our coffee service (2)

.         Cover FUS roof with solar panels (2)

.         Turn off the lights (2)

o   Power demand tracking software is available for a few hundred dollars
and is currently being reviewed by building & grounds

.         Replace FUS windows (2)

.         Reduce electricity - personal use and at FUS

.         Use LED light bulbs

.         Bee hive on FUS roof

.         Replace grass lawn with clover lawn to feed the bees

o   Find source of clover seeds

o   Sell seeds based on pre orders

o   Sell in units of 500 sq ft

o   Need a task force to implement

.         Host a CSA pick up site at FUS

.         Reduce meat consumption

.         Use re-usable coffee cups

o   Compost coffee grounds and filters

.         Have an in-house, volunteer "resource group" that tables at coffee
hour once per month

.         Focus on the theme all year long

.         Grey water use

.         More visibility as a green community

.         Carefully examine our practices (including financial)

.         Implement recommendations from green consultant for FUS building
and activities

.         Rain gardens



Shannon Williams

Social Justice Coordinator

First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis

sjc [at] firstunitarian.org

(612) 377-6608 x104

www.firstunitarian.org <http://www.firstunitarian.org/> 



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