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From: Scott Jackson (sjackzen46gmail.com)
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 14:29:37 -0800 (PST)
Another task to keep you warm during this Polar Vortex, which Climate
Central says "may be a counterintuitive example of global warming in
action" - the 'warm Arctic cold continents' paradigm.

Scott Jackson
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Subject: The people versus...
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Dear Scott,

At the end of 2013, we set a goal of raising $100,000 and thanks to friends
like you, we beat it. Our supporters are vital in helping us continue to
fight for a market price on carbon pollution and a political price on

And now it's time we get to work. *First on our list: we need your help to
strengthen the Social Cost of

Many people may not realize it, but the carbon pollution driving climate
change has been costing us -- all of us -- for years. Costs like:

   - Millions to repair and rebuild homes devastated by floods.
   - Higher insurance rates for coastal communities struck by super storms.
   - Rising hospital bills for senior citizens suffering from record heat.

It goes on. Recognizing this, the government developed the Social Cost of
Carbon as a tool to connect these monetary damages with the pollution
behind them. It's the government's way of identifying the real cost of
carbon pollution and putting a valuation on the harmful effects of climate

The White House is seeking to increase the estimate of the Social Cost of
Carbon from only $23.80 per metric ton of carbon pollution to $37 -- a step
in the right direction towards a market price on carbon.

It's no surprise that Big Oil and Big Coal are doing everything they can to
challenge this change. After all, if the Social Cost of Carbon goes up and
people understand the real cost of carbon pollution, demand for energy will
shift to clean energy sources and it'll be a lot harder for them to
continue to make record profits.

*Here's where you come in. Anyone can comment on this proposed change --
and we're counting on you to help fight back against Big Oil and Big

*It's People vs. Carbon -- and it's high time the people had their voices
heard*. Our government was created for the people, by the people. Not for
the industry. Not for the corporations.

*Use your voice and support this important change to the Social Cost of


*Victoria Simarano*
Director of Grassroots and Strategic Partnerships

P.S. The comment period to the White House Office of Management and Budget
(OMB) for the revised Social Cost of Carbon closes January 27. *Don't wait
until it's too late -- add your voice


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