Fwd: Will PolyMet Partner with Dirty Coal?
From: Scott Jackson (sjackzen46gmail.com)
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2014 12:36:27 -0800 (PST)
The latest from Mining Truth about PolyMet.

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Subject: Will PolyMet Partner with Dirty Coal?
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Dear Scott,

The time to have your say on PolyMet is growing short.  The Department of
Natural Resources (DNR) is accepting public input on PolyMet's proposal to
build a copper-nickel sulfide mine in northern Minnesota until March 13th.

[image: 10 Problems with Polymet Dirty Energy]If built as proposed, PolyMet
would be one of the largest electricity consumers in our state with much of
that electricity being provided by coal power plants in Minnesota.

This is one of many problems with PolyMet's

In 2013, PolyMet's future electricity supplier, Minnesota Power, was the
most coal reliant utility in Minnesota - consuming 80% coal!  If built, two
of the top five most polluting coal plants in Minnesota, the Boswell and
Taconite Harbor power plants, would power PolyMet's proposed mine.  In
addition, PolyMet would emit over 700,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide
each year.  That's the same as adding nearly 150,000 cars to the road in

Your voice is needed to fix this plan and make it better for Minnesota's

Please tell the DNR that building a mine that will be powered by the
state's largest provider of dirty energy is not a good deal for
Minnesotans.  Ask them to require PolyMet to look into clean energy sources
for its operations.  Reducing our use of dirty coal and moving toward clean
energy is the right direction for Minnesota.

Thanks for all you do to ensure we pass on a better, cleaner future to the
next generation.

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Paul Austin
Executive Director
Conservation Minnesota

Paul Danicic
Executive Director
Friends of the Boundary
Waters Wilderness
 Scott Strand
Executive Director
Minnesota Center for
Environmental Advocacy

PS: You can learn more about other problems with PolyMet's proposal and
take action at 

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