Organizational Changes to Climate Change Changers
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Hello everyone,

There is a major organizational change to our climate change changers group.
Please read the attached memo for more information and feel free to contact
me with questions.

Shannon Williams
Social Justice Coordinator
First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis
sjc [at]
(612) 377-6608 x104 <>
Office Hours:  Sundays 9:30 - 12:30, Mondays and Wednesdays 10 - 4

To: FUS Climate Change Activists
From: Shannon Williams, Social Justice Coordinator
Date: March 5, 2014
Subject: Distinction between FUS climate change action team and MUUSJA working 

Thank you for your interest and involvement on climate change! The purpose of 
this memo is to inform
you of expanding avenues for involvement with this issue at FUS.

MUUSJA Working Group

The working group that has been meeting to this point is evolving to
solely become a working group of the Minnesota UU Social Justice
Alliance (MUUSJA). We are very proud that our members Nancy Miller,
Marcy Leussler, and Mary Ann Lundquist have taken the leadership of
that group. The purpose of the MUUSJA working group is to advance the
work that is currently being done on the PolyMet mine, Sherco power
plant, tar sands pipeline, advocacy opportunities, and the "green
footprint" initiatives and to coordinate this work with other
Minnesota UU congregations.

If you have participated in these meetings up until this point, you
are welcome to continue to do so. This MUUSJA working group will
continue to focus on issues on a local, state, and national level.

FUS Action Team

Because of the external focus of the MUUSJA working group and its
coordination with other congregations, it is not an appropriate group
through which to work on FUS-specific projects.

Therefore, an FUS climate change action team is forming that will work
on projects and initiatives brought forward by members of our
congregation that are not on the MUUSJA working group agenda; for
example, divestment of financial resources, moving towards reusable
coffee cups during social hour, educational events specific to an FUS
audience, etc. The possibilities and projects are up to the members of
the group!

Moving Forward

You are invited to participate in the FUS action team, the MUUJSA
working group, or both. However, the two groups are independent of
each other and will have separate mailing lists, meetings, etc.

To participate in the MUUSJA working group, please contact Marcy
Leussler at mleussler [at]

To participate in the FUS action team, please contact Shannon Williams
at sjc [at]

You are invited to contact Shannon, Marcy, Mary Ann, and Nancy with
any questions!

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