Fwd: This definitely isn't business as usual.
From: Scott Jackson (sjackzen46gmail.com)
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 12:42:37 -0700 (PDT)
Some more clicking to slow climate change.

Scott Jackson
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Subject: This definitely isn't business as usual.
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They're not all bad, you know. Politicians, that is.

In fact, tonight a group of Senators is doing something unprecedented:
they're trying to wake up their colleagues to the reality of climate change
by staying up all night themselves.

*Click here to help them make some noise on the Senate

Of course, there's good reason to be frustrated and disillusioned with
Washington. Despite all the evidence about the reality of climate change --
despite the very real and very destructive impacts we're already seeing --
Congress has so far failed to do anything about it. They've been lulled to
sleep through this crisis by polluting special interests and dirty money.

*That's why I'm so excited about tonight. Tonight, a passionate group of
Senators -- we'll call them the "climate caucus" -- is bucking the
Washington trend.* They're staying up all night to discuss climate action
and calling on their colleagues to join them. (It's kind of like a slumber
party on Capitol Hill, but with less sleep and *lots* more talk about
greenhouse gas emissions.)

This is a good start. Over the past year, the climate movement has really
made a difference -- *you've* made a difference -- and the political
calculus in Washington is starting to shift. This all-nighter is a sign
that Congress knows there's a growing climate constituency out there. If we
play our cards right, we can turn rhetoric into action, conviction into
lasting change -- because organized people beat organized money every time.

*So let's help these Senators make some noise tonight. Together, we can be
one giant alarm clock with a single message: It's time to really wake up to
the reality of climate change, Congress. It's past time.*

*Click here to send your wake-up

We'll bring your mesages to Capitol Hill this evening, so that the climate
caucus knows we have their back -- and their colleagues know we're watching.

No more hitting that snooze button, Congress. The American people want
action now.

Can't wait,


P.S. How's this for progress: just hours after 200 climate activists
delivered 2 million #NoKXL comments to the State Department on Friday,
Secretary of State John Kerry
diplomats around the world to make climate change their top priority.
We've yet to see how this new commitment will affect his decision on
Keystone XL, but one lesson is clear: a stronger climate movement gets us
stronger action from decision-makers in Washington.
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