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This note is connected to a digest of articles on 'Collapse' by Wanda
Ballentine, a member of MN350. As the number indicates, this is the 351st
such digest. She publishes several other digests; I also receive 'Gusher'.
'Climate Crisis', and 'Economic Crisis', and there are more. No, I don't
know how she finds the time either.

The reason I'm sharing this digest is because at the top of the list are
two documentaries, one which focuses on the crisis of civilization and one
which focuses on a solution (a new worldview). I just finished watching
them, and recommend them to all of you.

Scott Jackson
sjackzen46 [at] gmail.com

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Date: Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 8:05 PM
Subject: Collapse 351

*The Crisis of Civilization - Full Length Documentary Movie HD *
Nafeez Ahmed 1:20 minutes.


*Nafeez Ahmed - NASA: Industrial civilization headed for 'irreversible
collapse' *New study sponsored by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
highlighted prospect that global industrial civilisation could collapse in
decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation & increasingly unequal
wealth distribution. Warnings of 'collapse' often seen to be fringe or
controversial, it makes sense of compelling historical data showing
"process of rise-&-collapse is  recurrent cycle:  Roman Empire, Han,
Mauryan, & Gupta Empires, many Mesopotamian Empires, all testimony to fact
that advanced, sophisticated, complex, & creative civilizations can be both
fragile & impermanent."Project based on new cross-disciplinary 'Human &
Nature DYnamical' (HANDY) model


*Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview | FULL MOVIE *Scientists &
thinkers featured in *Crossroads* include: Amit Goswami, Neale Donald
Walsch, Elisabet Sahtouris, Bruce Lipton, Peter Joseph, Caroline A. Miller,
Nicholas Christakis, James Fowler, Michael Laitman, Ervin Laszlo, Dean
Radin, Dave Sherman, Annie Leonard, Jairon G. Cuesta, & John St. Augustine.


*Center for Food Safety Sues USDA over GM Alfalfa Approval *Filed lawsuit
demanding release of fed documents which may uncover undue political
pressure over USDA's decision to approve GE alfalfa. Seeks 1179 documents
from USDA's Ag, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, which may explain
why agency abruptly reversed position & granted unrestricted approval for
Monsanto to sell Roundup Ready Alfalfa.


*Monsanto in dispute with veggie farmers over herbicide *Group of Midwest
vegetable farmers failed to convince Monsanto to reformulate herbicide that
could become widely used. Can 'drift' & damage vegetable crops. Going
public with 2 big ag giants over kinds of herbicides that can be sprayed on
certain crops. 1 company agreed with farmers' concerns & changed its plans.


*Voices Blast Dow Chemical's 'Agent Orange' Seed Warfare *Pending approval
of GE Seeds, Dow prepares to roll out seed-herbicide combination arms
race"  poisoning people & planet. Dubbed "Enlist,"corn & soybean seeds
resistant to toxic herbicide, 2,4-D, known neurotoxin part of Agent
Orange.  Over 387,000 people responded to USDA's draft EIS. Reject package,
spelling 'catastrophe' for farms & farmers


*Monsanto Now Owns Mercenaries Blackwater Newly Named 'Academi' *Report by
Jeremy Scahill revealed that largest mercenary army in world, Blackwater
(now called Xe Services or Academi) clandestine intelligence services sold
to Monsanto. Remains largest private contractor of Dept of State "security
services" practicing state terrorism by giving govt opportunity to deny it.

*'Blackwater' footage: Who are the Mercenaries in Ukraine? *Videos have
sprung on YouTube alleging that US private security service formerly known
as Blackwater operating in eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Western press
accuses Russia of fabricating reports to justify "aggression.  Who are the
Mercenaries in Ukraine?


*David Cameron's science advisers call for expansion of GM crops *Report
urges scrapping of 'dysfunctional' regulations on crops that risk
curtailing UK's food supply


*Scientists' hidden links to the GM food giants: Disturbing truth behind
official report that said UK should forge on with Frankenfoods *Govt
advisory body presented 'independent' report: used to support bid to speed
up use of GM food in UK.  In fact all 5 authors have vested interest in
promoting GM crops


*Sri Lanka bans Monsanto herbicide citing potential link to deadly kidney
disease *

*The Pesticide Industry vs. Consumers: Not a Fair Fight *By pouring money
into politics, pesticide companies beat back attempts to protect the public.


*Warning Signs: How Pesticides Harm the Young Brain *Since 1945, use of
pesticides in US has quintupled. 1 billion pounds of pesticides: weed
killers, insecticides & fungicides now used. Over 1,000 chemicals
registered to fight pests & pathogens formulated into 20,000 products. Most
for ag use, but 1/5 designed for nonagricultural applications - homes &
gardens, playgrounds, schools, offices & hospitals.


*State agency IDs 3 consumer products using toxic chemicals *State govt
outed 3 mfing products as harmful to consumers, giving mfrs time to remove
toxic chemicals from goods or ban them by 2016.  Calif Dept of Toxic
Substances Control identified various children's foam padded sleeping
items, paint & varnish strippers & spray polyurethane foam as dangerous
products that need to be revamped to be considered safe.


*Kenya: Sweet Poison - Illegal Ripening of Fruits Exposes Millions of
Kenyans to Cancer *Investigations in past month unearthed rampant use of
calcium carbide, artificial ripening agent, by unscrupulous traders &
supermarkets in Nairobi & Mombasa.  Supposedly go under closer
investigation if going to west.


*Non-Toxic Alternatives to BPA and BPA-Free Bottles *

*Zoned Out: How Climate Change Will Affect Your Gardening Choices, Part 1 *

*Fermenting Veggies at Home: Follow Food Safety ABCs *Considered to be
"live foods, fermented foods have natural tart flavor because sugars &
carbohydrates  broken down & used up during fermentation." In case of
vegetables, they're more digestible than raw ones &, contain "living
bacteria," helping digest other foods in digestive tract. Think: cheese,
yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchee, olives, salami, jerky & even bread, wine &
beer, coffee & hot chocolate.


*Inside the World's Largest Rooftop Farm - video *More than an acre of NYC
rooftop goes from barren to blanketed in green crops in matter of minutes
in video.  Non-time-lapsed story of Brooklyn Grange involves whole lot more


*Loneliness and the Sacred Web of Life *

*The Science of 'Paying It Forward' *1 morning, customer paid for her order
& then picked up tab for stranger in car behind her in line. That customer
paid bill for following customer in line - & so on, for next 226 customers,
in 3-hour sequence of spontaneous generosity. Happening allover.  Ssocial
scientists conducted experiments demonstrating effect of single act of
kindness can ripple through social network, setting off chains of
generosity reaching far beyond original act. But whether it's enough to
merely witness generous act, rather than actually benefit from it, an open
question.  Receiving & observing generosity can both significantly increase
likelihood of being generous.  But if you observe high enough level of
generosity, willingness to help suffers - become "bystander" who feels help
no longer needed.


*Spain is giving away an entire town, for free *This ramshackle hamlet near
Portuguese border can be yours for low, low price of zero dollars; local
officials offering it up to anyone with adequate plan for its revival,
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