Fwd: Introducing Climate Disruption Dispatches, With Dahr Jamail
From: Robert Tapp (tappx001umn.edu)
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 11:03:30 -0700 (PDT)
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> Monday, 17 March 2014
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> Introducing Climate Disruption Dispatches, With Dahr Jamail!
> The reality of Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) continues to outstrip 
> our ability to model worst-case scenarios, as it is happening so much faster 
> than was ever anticipated. Sixty-three percent of all human-generated carbon 
> emissions have been produced in the last 25 years, but science shows us that 
> there is a 40-year time lag between global emissions (our actions) and 
> climate impacts (the consequences). Hence, we haven't even begun to 
> experience the worst of our emissions, and won't, until at least 2054.
> Since the industrial revolution began, the human species has increased the 
> average global temperature by .85 degrees Celsius. In December 2010, the UN 
> Environment Program predicted up to a 5 degrees Celsius increase by 2050. 
> This is a shocking piece of information, because a 3.5 degrees Celsius 
> increase would render the planet uninhabitable for humans due to collapsing 
> the food chain at the level of oceanic plankton and triggering temperature 
> extremes that would severely limit terrestrial vegetation, and hence, our 
> ability to feed ourselves. And even higher temperature increases have been 
> predicted.
> The four life-giving aspects of the planet: Earth, Water, Air and Fire, are 
> under assault from the ecocide that "industrial civilization" has wrought 
> upon the globe, coming in the forms of ACD and the myriad other methods of 
> polluting the planet.
> Humans have never lived on a planet with temperatures 3.5 degrees Celsius 
> above baseline, and many scientists believe it would be impossible to do so. 
> An increasing number of climate change scientists now fear that our situation 
> is already so serious, and so many self-reinforcing feedback loops are 
> already in play, that we are in the process of causing our own extinction. 
> Worse yet, some are convinced that it could happen far more quickly than 
> generally believed possible - even in the course of just the next few decades.
> Approximately 55 million years ago, a 5-degree Celsius increase in global 
> temperatures occurred in only 13 years, and a scientific report published 
> last year revealed that in the near-term, Earth's climate will change 10 
> times faster than at any other moment in the last 65 million years. Science 
> already shows that we are currently experiencing change 200 to 300 times 
> faster than any of the previous major extinction events.
> Have we already reached a point where Earth is in hospice? If so, we as a 
> species may very well already be teetering on the threshold of our very 
> extinction.
> In light of the severity of this crisis, Truthout is showing its commitment 
> to honest reporting of the most important story of our time by launching Dahr 
> Jamail's monthly Climate Disruption Dispatches, to chronicle ongoing evidence 
> and impacts of ACD as they have manifested around the globe for the previous 
> 30 days. We hope that these dispatches will become a useful resource for 
> other journalists, scientists and readers who wish to stay abreast of the 
> latest ACD developments.
> Consider this a monthly inventory of each month's new evidence of what the 
> Western mode of living and generating financial profits is costing Earth.
> Perhaps future generations will look upon this as a log of what we witnessed 
> being done to the planet.
> The first article in the Climate Disruption Dispatches can be read here:
> Reporting on a World of Environmental Catastrophes - All in Just One Month
> Read the Article 
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