Fwd: Voluntary Gas Taxes (Tithes) and Fossil Fuel Divestment
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Here's some information about a voluntary gas tax written by Rick Condon, a
member of First Universalist Church. Perhaps this is something the MUUSJA
environmental group could pursue.

Scott Jackson
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Subject: Voluntary Gas Taxes (Tithes) and Fossil Fuel Divestment
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The attached <2 page document deals with (1) faith community members
adopting a voluntary gas tax or tithe (and contributing those amounts to a
green cause), and (2) fossil fuel divestment.  It was written by Rick
Condon, a member of the board of Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light
(MNIPL).  The paper has excellent reference links.

If anyone is interested, Rick is a resource person on Community Solar
Gardens (CSG) as well as the above topics, and is available to speak to
groups.  MNIPL is mounting a program to assist faith communities to explore
and enter into CSG arrangements, and is already providing assistance in
starting voluntary gas tax or tithing programs and advising faith
communities on fossil fuel divestment.

Go to www.MNIPL.org for contact information.

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