Work that Reconnects Retreat -- June 20-22
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A few details from the attachement:
The conference will be held near Frontenac,MN and costs $100 before
May 12 and $240 after. See
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Here's information about a retreat I'll be attending in June. Tom is the
Lead of the MN350 Leadership Team; I've known Kaia for more than 40 years,
when she was a feminist activist; and I've read Joanna Macy's *Active Hope*.
I recommend the retreat highly.

Scott Jackson
sjackzen46 [at]

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Subject: Work that Reconnects Retreat -- June 20-22
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Greetings -

Kaia Svien and I will be co-facilitating a Work that Reconnects Retreat,
based on Joanna Macy's teachings.  This is the same weekend that was
planned for last November.

I have attached a flyer about the weekend.  I am more than happy to talk
with you about the weekend if you have questions.

Please consider forwarding to others.  And, please note the discount
through May 12th.


Tom McSteen

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