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From: David Shove (
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 12:28:31 -0700 (PDT)
 P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R   10.25.11

1. Occupy/health        10.25 5pm
2. Jim Ivey/Green StP 10.25.5pm
3. GLBT host home     10.25 6pm
4. Money/spirit            10.25 7pm
5. Xiong/GreenStP       10.25 7pm

 6. Seasnun - OccupyMN under attack by Sheriff's Department: Make calls

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Occupy/health 10.25 5pm

#OccupyMN Events, Rallies & Protests
Tuesday October 25, 2011 - 5pm
Healthcare for the 99% Rally and March
First rally and then march to US Bankruptcy Court one block away to protest
the 62% of bankruptcies that are related to medical costs.
At People’s Plaza (Hennepin Government Center Plaza)
Sponsors: Occupy MN,Physicians for a National Health Program MN, Universal
Health Care Action Network MN; Practitioners United MN, MN Universal Health
Care Coalition,and several others.

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From: Amber Garlan
Jim Ivey/Green StP 10.25.5pm

The Green Party candidate for St. Paul City Council, Ward 2 is having a
fundraiser Tuesday night, 10/25/11, at Mancini’s in St. Paul!  Garlic toast
and Green Party politics, it doesn’t get better than that!

Don't forget - Jim is celebrating Saint Paul's first ranked voting election
at Mancini's Char House. Join us! Enjoy appetizers & drinks at the cash
bar.5-8pm, tomorrow, Oct 25
531 West 7th St

Co-hosted by Rhoda Gilman, Elizabeth Dickinson, Andy Dawkins, Bernie Hesse,
Jennifer Billig, Ed Hauck, David Heide, Michael Crull and Pat Roedler

Whether you're merely curious and want to meet Jim for the first time, or
you're already excited about his vision for the City Council, please join
us. We'll raise some money to get Jim's message out in the final two weeks
of the campaign and - most of all - enjoy the classic atmosphere at this
West Seventh landmark.Can't join us on Oct 25? Make a contribution online to
power Jim's run down the final stretch of the campaign

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From:hosthome [at]
GLBT host home 10.25 6pm

Interested in sharing your resources and helping sustain your community?

One of the ways that the Twin Cities' community is addressing
homelessness experienced by GLBT young people is through the GLBT Host
Home Program of Avenues for Homeless Youth, which offers a
transformative and community-based approach to providing gay, lesbian,
bisexual, and transgender youth with safe homes.  As volunteers of the
program, adults open their homes and their hearts to young people who
need and are looking for a healthy and nurturing connection.  If you are
interested in hearing more
about this community building program, please come to
one of the following informational meetings:

Tuesday, October 25, 6-8pm
@ Midtown YWCA 2121 East Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55407
Thursday, October 27, 6-8pm
@ Midtown YWCA 2121 East Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55407

Come learn about the history of the GLBT Host Home Program and about the
application and screening process for potential volunteers. You will
also have an opportunity to hear from hosts who shared their homes with
youth.  See you there!

Questions?  Call Raquel (Rocki) at Avenues for Homeless
Youth:612-522-1690, ext. 110.
You can also look us up on Facebook

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>From Kotlarz
Money/spirit 10.25 7pm

Next Session - Money, Society and the Spirit:
A workshop presented by Richard Kotlarz and Steven Gorg.
Suggested topic for this session: The Occupy Wall Street Movement

"I have never yet had anyone who could, through the use of logic and
reason, justify the Federal Government borrowing the use of its own
money....I believe the time will come when people will demand that
this be changed. I believe the time will come in this country when
they will actually blame you and me and everyone else connected with
the Congress for sitting idly by and permitting such an idiotic system
to continue.”
Congressman Wright Patman, former chairman of the House Banking Committee

There are many monetary riddles that haunt our post-modern world.
Indeed, they are increasingly experienced as threatening the viability
of our personal lives, the existence of civilization, and even the
continuation of life on earth itself. Can we get a perspective on
this? Can we turn a corner? Is there a vision on the other side?

These questions and more will be explored in a series of two-hour
evening sessions that will meet every week.

Please feel free to join us even if you have not attended a previous
Attendance is free (contributions welcome)

Macalester College (Old Main, Room 009)
1600 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN

Date & Time: Tuesday, Oct. 25, 7 to 9 pm
(Repeats every week through Tuesday, December 13, 2011):

Richard Kotlarz:  Richard is a seeker after the truth about money and
the economic life, who has engaged in literally thousands of
discussions on money-related topics with people from all walks of
life, across the U.S., and in Canada and Europe.
Steven Gorg:  Steven is a professional environmental engineer who has
come to see that becoming truly conscious about Money is the portal
through which a meaningful and effective ecological and social
transformation can be achieved.

Richard and Steven have discovered that, concerning money, there is a
story to be told and a vision to behold of which We the People are
getting hardly even an inkling through conventional media, academic
orthodoxy, or popular culture.

Facilitator Contact Information:
richkotlarz [at], 218-828-1366
steve [at]

Offered under auspices of Experimental Community Education of the Twin

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Amber Garlan
Xiong/GreenStP 10.25 7pm

This will be a first time ever debate between Bee Kevin Xiong and Dan
Bostrom for St Paul City Council Ward 6 hosts by Hope Lutheran Church.
Please join me and show your support.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011Time:        7:00 PM
Hope Lutheran Church
1340 Hazel
St Paul, MN 55109

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fromSeasnun seasnun [at]
OccupyMN under attack by Sheriff's Department: Make calls today!

The Occupy movement which has focused the eyes of the world on corporate
greed and economic inequality is free speech in action.  OccupyMN is part of
that worldwide movement, which as you know started on September 17th with

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office has started a PR campaign against
OccupyMN. Attached is a defamatory (and inflammatory) press release sent out
yesterday (Oct. 24) at 4:30 pm by the Sheriff’s office. It emphasized the
cost of the police and detailed a list of incidents at the camp over the
past two weeks.

1)       Call the Hennepin County Commissioners, Mayor Rybak, and
Minneapolis City Council members to reinforce the First Amendment rights of
OccupyMN protesters to peaceably assemble.

>From Naomi Wolff: …the First Amendment means that it actually is not up to
the mayor or the police of any municipality, or to the Parks Department, or
to any local municipality to prohibit public assembly if the assembly is
peaceful but disruptive in many ways. Peaceful, lawful protest — if it is
effective — IS innately disruptive of “business as usual.” That is WHY it is
2)      Call the Hennepin County Commissioners, Mayor Rybak, and Minneapolis
City Council members to tell them to let the protesters have tents for
sleeping in the cold.  Many other Occupy cities have tents, including
Boston, Seattle, and Philadelphia and our nation’s capitol, Washington, DC.
Chair of Hennepin County Commissioners is Mike Opat, 612-348-7881. Mark
Stenglein, 348-7882;
Gail Dorfman, 348-7883; Peter McLaughlin, 348-7884; Randy Johnson, 348-7885;
Jan Callison, 348-7886;
Jeff Johnson, 348-7887. General information: 612-348-3000.
Mayor Rybak’s office:  Phone: (612) 673-2100    Fax: (612) 673-2305
Minneapolis City Council: to find the
phone of your City Council member.

Finally, as news unfolds and you hear false or specious claims via the
media, please call that media to account by phone, email, comments on
articles, etc.

It is true that Mayor Rybak joined us the first day.  And technically it is
the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department that has jurisdiction over the
People’s Plaza.  But they have worked hand in hand with Minneapolis police
officers.  The People’s Plaza is in the heart of Minneapolis and the mayor
and City Council have a vested interest.  In calling them, alert them to the
duplicity of the Sheriff’s Department in attempting to make the protesters
look violent:

Tonight the TV news reported on a box of bricks labeled “riot equipment”
left at the Plaza without saying that the person who left it was a
provocateur that the protesters had been watching. The protesters told the
police who left the box and even pointed him out on the light rail platform.
They watched in despair as the police briefly questioned him and then
released him. In the attached picture you can see the box of bricks with the
very childish and provocative note: “Riot Equipment: NEEDS: bricks, large
but throwable stones, and gasoline.” For the media to imply that the box
might have been left by a protester was a travesty.
Provocateurs are expected in this movement, but such biased media reporting
needs to be exposed.

That they did not hold the man who placed the box and message, but then used
the incident as PR to attempt to discredit the peaceful protesters, smacks
of complicity. He was perhaps a plant in an attempt to make the protestors
look violent, as they are not.  Or perhaps the “law” officers just seized
the incident and created PR to make the people of People’s Plaza look
violent.  Whatever the case, the mainstream media has sent a false message
and needs to tell the whole truth of the incident from not only the police
perspective, but from the protesters’ perspective.

Also, earlier in the day (2pm) county police had told the organizers that
they had to remove tarps, which are essential to keeping materials dry.
After the organizers contacted County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin, within
half an hour they were told it was a “miscommunication.”

The press release states cost as a reason to close down the People’s Plaza
as well.  Yet privately the police admit that they had way too many police
on duty the first two weeks of the camp; they should own up to this publicly
when stating the cost.
We also need to write up/publicize our experiences at the Plaza to let the
public know how exciting it is. Every day I am amazed by events in the
Plaza. Last night, they began showing documentaries on a screen using a
laptop as projector. The protesters’ warmth, energy and creativity are as
thrilling as the mission.
Polly Kellogg

With additions by Sue Ann Martinson
The protesters rights are stated in the First Amendment.  Here is more from
Naomi Wolff (link to full article):

Please, citizens of America — please, OWS — do not buy into this rhetorical
framework: an absolute “right to be free of disruption” from First Amendment
activity does not exist in a free republic. But the right to engage in
peaceable disruption does exist.

Citizens who live or work near protest sites or marches have every right to
be free of violence from protesters and they should never be subjected to
destruction of property. This is why I am always saying to OWS and to anyone
who wants to assemble: be PEACEFUL PEACEFUL PEACEFUL. Be respectful to
police, do not yell at them; sing, don’t chant; be civil to pedestrians and
shop owners; don’t escalate tensions; try to sit when there is tension
rather than confront physically; be dignified and be nonviolent.

But the First Amendment means that it actually is not up to the mayor or the
police of any municipality, or to the Parks Department, or to any local
municipality to prohibit public assembly if the assembly is peaceful but
disruptive in many ways. Peaceful, lawful protest — if it is effective — IS
innately disruptive of “business as usual.” That is WHY it is effective.

Please forward this email far and wide and otherwise distribute.  Thank you.

                                                       Shove Wove
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