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Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 02:06:14 -0800 (PST)
 * P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R   12.12.11*

1. Homeless               12.12 9am
2. Divest Israel            12.12 12noon
 3. Atheistt happy hour 12.12 5pm
4. GP 3CD meeting     12.12 7pm

5. Mn9/11 social          12.13 6pm
6. Money party            12.13 7pm
 7. Fight vs Xcel            12.13 evening

 8. Dave Bicking  - Occupy report

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Homeless 12.12 9am

TruthToTell, Mon., Dec 12 @9AM:
Living Dichotomy-KFAI FM 90.3/106.7/

Has it struck anyone else that heading into the dead of winter, we have
record numbers of people who remain homeless, with more coming from a
record number of foreclosures plaguing a housing market with depleted
values while creating thousands of vacant properties, putting people with
mortgages underwater?
And still we fight for affordable housing.
Do these facts simply not make sense?
All kinds of agencies around the cities are set up to create and operate
affordable housing complexes, but where are the banks and other financial
outfits and why aren’t they helping to stop this bleeding of people into
Twin Cities’ and other cities’ streets and shelters while the banks deal
with vacant homes and apartment complexes from which their policies have
drive so many owners and renters?

We’ll talk about where we stand with affordable housing facilities and
public policies that seem at a loss to do much about this conundrum and
where the affordable housing of tomorrow should come from and where it
should be built.
TTT’s ANDY DRISCOLL and Guest Co-Host LENNIE CHISM ask our guests just how
we resolve these issues, if at all.
EDWARD G. GOETZ – Director of CURA (Center for Urban and Regional Affairs);
faculty member at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs; Director the CURA
Housing Forum and co-director, the University Metropolitan Consortium;
Author, Clearing the Way: Deconcentrating the Poor in Urban America
GINA CIGANIK – Vice President, Housing Development, AEON (formerly Central
Community Housing Trust)
ANDRIANA ABARIOTES – Executive Director, LISC (Twin Cities Local
Initiatives Support Corporation)
BOB BOYD – Director of Policy and Special Initiatives, Minneapolis Public
Housing Authority

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Divest Israel 12.12 12noon

Rally: “Divest from Israel Bonds”
Monday, December 12, Noon
Minnesota State Capitol, Rotunda, 75 Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Boulevard, St. Paul.

Join others as they raise their voices to tell the Minnesota State Board of
Investment (SBI): “Stop funding Israeli occupation and apartheid: Divest
from Israel Bonds NOW!” Speakers will include co-plaintiffs from the
Minnesota Break the Bonds Coalition (MN BBC) lawsuit against the SBI.
Please note that signs on sticks are not permitted in the capitol building.
Last Tuesday, November 29, 2011, MN BBC served a lawsuit on the SBI seeking
an order from the court directing the SBI to immediately divest from Israel
Bonds and to refrain from purchasing more. This rally is an opportunity to
show the SBI that there is strong public support for them to do the right
thing and divest, which is why you're presence is so important! Organized
by: MN BBC.FFI: Visit, email mn [at] or
call 616-745-6810.

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Atheist happy hour 12.12 5pm

Atheists for Human Rights Happy Hour
Monday December 12, 5:00pm-6:30pm

Ol’ Mexico restaurant, on Lexington Ave., two blocks north of Larpenteur,
Roseville, MN.
This event takes place every Monday.  Tables on terrace level by fireplace.
 Call Paul Craven at 763-788-8918

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 From: "Allan Hancock" <3rdcdgreenparty [at]>
Subject: GP 3CD meeting 12.12 7pm

3rd Congressional District Green Party Local Meeting
7 PM Monday
Southdale Library in the Public Conference Rm,. 7001 York Ave. S. Edina,

Agenda: Agenda: How to run for a public office, preparing for 2012
Any questions or need a ride please contact:

Allan Hancock, Chair 3rd Congressional District Green Party
(763)-561-9758 or 3rdCDGreenParty [at]

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Mn9/11 social 12.13 6pm

Rondo Community Library, Tuesday, 12/13/11, 6 pm to 8:30 pm., a social event

We have scheduled the use of the Rondo Community Library meeting room, so
put the date on your calendar and show up for chats, a few short videos,
and some light food.  Margaret E and I will pick up food and ask for a
small donation rather than ask you to bring food.   This is a chance to
 share ideas, talk about the latest news regarding 9/11 and what people
around the world are doing to expose the cover-up of the events of
9/11/2001.  Bring your ideas for how you think we can spread the word, open
eyes and ears, and bring about a new  investigation.

Rondo Community Library is on the Southwest corner of University Avenue and
Dale Street  off  interstate 94 in St Paul.

If anyone wants t-shirts or dvds for purchase for gifts, please call me
ahead of time, or send and email with your request.  shirley 651-291-7053

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Money party 12.13 7pm

Richard Kotlarz rkotlarz [at] to me
show details Dec 11 (1 day ago)
 Next Session - Money, Society and the Spirit:
A workshop presented by Richard Kotlarz and Steven Gorg.
Suggested topic for this session: Looking to 2012

You are invited to the final session of “Money, Society and the Spirit” for
2011.  Overall this has been a wonderful, challenging and vital series of
conversations that has attracted an extraordinary and eclectic assortment
of folks who are earnest about seeking the truth about the great conundrum
posed by “Money” to us individually, as a nation and as a world.  For this
last session we will be turning to how to carry on and expand this
necessary dialogue into what is predicted from many quarters to be the
auspicious year of 2012.

This last gathering is anticipated to be relaxed and social in nature.
Healthy catered snacks will be provided, and participants are welcome to
bring contributions to the festivities if they like (bringing something is
not expected; this is not a “pot luck”).  All who have participated in this
series are invited, as well as those who might join us for the first time.
We will be looking for thoughts and ideas as to how to proceed in the new

“Only the small secrets need to be protected.  The big ones are kept secret
by public incredulity” Marshall McLuhan, media ‘guru’

There are many monetary riddles that haunt our post-modern world. Indeed,
they are increasingly experienced as threatening the viability of our
personal lives, the existence of civilization, and even the continuation of
life on earth itself. Can we get a perspective on this? Can we turn a
corner? Is there a vision on the other side?
These questions and more will be explored in a series of two-hour evening
sessions that will meet every week.

Please feel free to join us even if you have not attended a previous
Attendance is free (contributions welcome)

Macalester College (Old Main, Room 009)
1600 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN

Date & Time: Tuesday, December 13; 7 to 9 pm
(Repeats every week through Tuesday, December 13, 2011):

Richard Kotlarz:  Richard is a seeker after the truth about money and the
economic life, who has engaged in literally thousands of discussions on
money-related topics with people from all walks of life, across the U.S.,
and in Canada and Europe.
Steven Gorg:  Steven is a professional environmental engineer who has come
to see that becoming truly conscious about Money is the portal through
which a meaningful and effective ecological and social transformation can
be achieved.

Richard and Steven have discovered that, concerning money, there is a story
to be told and a vision to behold of which We the People are getting hardly
even an inkling through conventional media, academic orthodoxy, or popular

Facilitator Contact Information:
richkotlarz [at], 218-828-1366
steve [at]

Offered under auspices of Experimental Community Education of the Twin

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From: Alan Muller amuller [at]
Fight vs Xcel 12.13 evening

My friend Leslie Glustrom of Clean Energy Action (Colorado) has been in the
center of the "municipalization" fight against Xcel in Boulder, CO.  She's
also an expert in regard to future energy paths and our diminishing coal
resources.  Leslie is both a wonk and an activist and, in my perception,
one of the most effective energy activists around.

(Xcel, of course, is made up mainly of Northern States Power Company (MN,
and Public Service Company of Colorado, merged in 2000.  My sense is that
the corporate culture and political tactics of Xcel (NSP) in MN are a bit
different than Xcel (PS) in Colorado--smoother and more effective, I

She's going to be in Minnesota next week and has expressed willingness to
meet with a group in the Cities.  Boulder's so-far-successful
municipalization campaign is relevant to Minneapolis, where Xcel's
franchise agreement with the City expires on
Dec 31, 2014.

I've posted about this a couple of times on the Minneapolis e-democracy
mailing list:
"Boulder's Bold Move to Condemn Xcel"

Kick-out-Xcel municipalization referendum passes in Denver

Leslie is available in the evenings of Tuesday Dec 13th and Wednesday Dec
14th.  Obviously this is short notice--I just got her schedule--but Leslie
is not uptight about having a big audience and all we really need is a time
and place to announce.  Even if only a few people we could have an informal
discussion.  Or, we could have a more formal meeting with a PPT

So, my questions are (1) who would be interested in attending such a
meeting, and (2) who can help us identify a location, preferably in
Let me hear from you ASAP!
Feel free to share this email.

Alan Muller
Energy & Environmental Consulting
1110 West Avenue Red Wing, MN, 55066 Box 69
One Stewart Street Port Penn, DE, 19731
alan [at]

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Dave Bicking davebicking [at]
Occupy report
[most of the events are outdated but it is a good report -ed]

Dear friends,
The last two weeks have been rough for the Occupy movement, with nearly
every major city taking action to evict occupiers.  Winter is taking its
toll as well.  But the movement remains remarkably resilient, and is still
engaged in a multitude of actions.  I am still unaware of any city where
Occupy has been defeated, and in many areas, they have just come back

The same is true in Minneapolis, where Hennepin County does all they can
to limit our presence and visibility.  They keep tightening the rules;
then last Tuesday, Dec. 6, they violated their own agreement and stole
much of our remaining supplies from the plaza, including the kitchen table
and nearly all the bedding.  However, we are maintaining a presence on the
plaza while we evaluate a longer-term winter strategy.

Occupy Minneapolis is working on other fronts as well, most prominently
our "occupy foreclosure" strategy, which is gaining national attention.

There are several excellent opportunities today and in the coming week for
people to become involved, or renew their involvement.  I know there is
broad support, far beyond the numbers who have actually showed up.  I am
often asked how people can help.  There are many ways, but the most
important is to personally participate in the activities and the planning.
 Occupy is a somewhat amorphous movement, and I know it can be difficult
to figure out how to "plug in".  Several events today are ideal for those
who want to be involved in the work:

***** Sunday, December 11, noon - 2pm  Meeting to work on home foreclosure
projects, at the Nicollet coffee shop, Nicollet & Franklin Avenues, in
south Minneapolis.  There are two current "occupations" at homes where the
homeowners face possible eviction:  3310 N. 6th St., with an ongoing
occupation for over a month; and 3712 Columbus Ave. S., starting just last
Tuesday, during a national day of coordinated foreclosure resistance.  The
Occupy Homes group is working on publicity, legal work, logistics, and
neighborhood outreach, while also reviewing the multiple other requests
for help.  This is your chance to find out more, and get involved!

***** Sunday, December 11, 1:00 - 3:00pm at the American Indian Center,
1530 E. Franklin Ave..  Sign making and planning for the 3pm plaza event.
Please come help!

***** Sunday, December 11, 3:00pm  Reclaim the plaza!!  At the People's
Plaza (Hennepin County Government Center, by the LRT stop)  We are going
to hang the signs made at the previous event, beautify the plaza, convey
our message in a more coherent way, and get set up at the plaza in a way
we can sustain.  This is also a time for us to all gather together again.
For many of us, the plaza has come to feel like - or actually be - our
home and our community.  Think of this as an alumni gathering.  If you
have ever been to the plaza and experienced the unique energy and
determination of the Occupy movement, this is the time to come back!  If
you haven't ever been there, this is your opportunity to experience this.
(Full announcement from the organizers below.)  Please make a special
effort to attend this community gathering - and show of defiance!

***** Sunday, December 11, approx. 4:30pm, after the gathering at the
plaza.  Planning meeting for continued presence at the plaza.  Held at the
plaza - probably inside the skyway over 4th Ave. S., leading into the
Hennepin Government Center (enter through the parking ramp at the NE
corner of 4th Ave. S. and E. 6th St., take the elevator to the 3rd floor).
 Occupy is about much more than just a location or a single strategy.  But
the People's Plaza is still very important to us, for practical reasons as
well as a symbol of our movement and our determination.  The Plaza will
continue to be the starting point for rallies and marches in the heart of
the government and financial districts.  In the spring, I expect we will
return in numbers far greater than have been seen so far, with a strength
that will make it impossible to be evicted.  If you want to plan or
participate in the continued occupation, this is the perfect opportunity
to get connected!

***** Saturday and Sunday, December 17 and 18, 10am - 6pm  A full weekend
"retreat" is being planned, to talk about our vision and "who we are", to
talk about our methods of organizing and decision making, and to discuss
"What Next?"  This is a chance to step back from daily organizing and
evaluate our work and our goals.  Location and exact times still being
determined.  I'll let you know when I know.  You wouldn't have to attend
it all, but this is another great opportunity to get to know the movement
and the people in it, to participate in its direction, and to become

Here is the full announcement of this afternoon's gathering at the plaza:
Gathering to Re-Claim the Plaza and Celebrate The Occupation!
Sunday 12/11    -1pm sign-making @ the American Indian Center (1530 E
Franklin, Mpls)

 - 3pm sign-hanging & hot drinks @ the People's Plaza
Who's Plaza? The People's Plaza! Calling all OccupyMinnesotans!!
The People's Plaza is our Plaza - a place for us to gather, to organize
and to voice our demands for a society that puts people over profits.  On
the 2 month anniversary of OccupyMN, we urge all who have been a part of
the occupation by being at the people's plaza for hours or days or months
to gather at the people's plaza again as we reclaim our space and
continue our fight for equality and justice!

The County has tried everything they can think of to take the Plaza from
us - seizing our tents, tarps and blankets, banning dozens of individual
occupiers with trespass notices, and a constant campaign of harassment and
threats. Just this week, the most recent raid by County security took away
blankets, tarps, signs and even food, as a handful of occupiers slept on
the Plaza, knowing that many were away at meetings or visiting Occupy DC.

But we refuse to be deterred, we refuse to be silenced!  The County can
steal our belongings but they cannot evict our demand for justice!

JOIN US to make new signs with strong messages to represent our movement,
and winterize them.  Then gather with us to re-claim and beautify the
People's Plaza, and ensure that our voices are not silenced!  We will also
welcome our fellow occupiers who will be just getting back from DC!
After the gathering we will be having a meeting at the Plaza ( probably in
the Skyway) re:  OccupyMN Winter Support at the People's Plaza, keeping
the momentum going, organizing events that express our concerns about the
economic and social inequalities.  For further info contact:
Occupymn.solidarity [at]

Here's the facebook event:
Dave Bicking


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