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From: David Shove (
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 13:32:27 -0800 (PST)
* P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R   01.10.12*

1. No stadium tax  1.10  6:30pm
2. Uhcan               1.10 7pm
3. 9/11                  1.10 7pm
4. Teach EXCO

5. Gitmo film          1.11  7pm

 6. Common Dreams - Tumultuous times for democracy compelled Moyers' return
to TV
7. ed                       - Swine cocktail  - haiku

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patty pattypax [at]
No stadium tax  1.10  6:30pm

Tuesday's salon, Jan. 10, the guest will be Ady Wickstrom
who has been very instrumental in starting the petition drive for
people to sign who do not want our taxes spent on a Viking's
stadium.   The petitions are ready to begin, and if you do not come to
the salon and want to help, please contact Ady :

ady [at]   (651) 780â5245
Visit our website: <>

You will be able to get the petitions from her and start getting
signatures.  Only Ramsey County residents can sign.   We need all the
help we can get.

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>From Joel Albers
Uhcan 1.10 7pm

Next UHCAN-MN mtg, Tues Jan 10, 7:00pm, Walker Church, Mpls, 55406
(3104 16th ave S,1 block from Lake Str. and Bloomington Ave, basement


1. Co-op Care: A Prairie Health Companion.We are in the exciting process of
creating Co-op Care (member-owned, operated, democratically controlled,
single-payer principles).  We have completed the federal funding
application. This will be a way for people to divest from major insurance
companies by building on the base of co-ops, non-profits and the arts that
MN leads the nation in. If you are interested in helping or supporting this
effort, pls attend.Open to the public.

We still have room for a few qualified people to be on our Board of
directors, esp if you are a physician, have a particular skill to
contribute, and if you think you may actually become a member of Co-op
Care. B of D job description and responsibilities is listed below.

2. Occupy Lake MNTKA:Organize for 3rd Annual Protest on Ice (this year
known as Occupy Lake MNTKA) behind the mansion of Steven Helmsely, CEO of
United Wealth Group HMO. We'd like to network w/ anyone or groups from
Occupy  MN. The Scoggs have built an Ice House shack. The lake is beautiful
in Jan (date TBA?) and it will be festive as always, but serious protest.
This is the mtg to attend to organize this.

Hot coffee, tea, and snacks provided. Hope to see you there. This meeting
is definately for current Co-op Care Board members too.

Joel Albers Clinical Pharmacist, Health Economics Researcher

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>From Shirley Johnson
9/11   1.10 7pm

Important:  this is late, but I have been struggling to come up with a plan
for the meeting on Tuesday, January 10. 2012, 7 PM at Mim's (same as
Lori"s)  1441 Cleveland Avenue North in Saint Paul, across the St Paul
campus of the University of Minnesota.

At the beginning of this new year, 2012, more than ten years after the
horrific event, it is time to look back and determine where to focus our
resources and energies.

We have been given a new roadblock to traverse:  Rondo Library will be
closing earlier than in the past and we will have to leave the library by
7:30 PM.  What do we do now to offer education, motivation, and incentive
to continue the 9/11 Truth Movement?   What works, what doesn't work?
 Please come with ideas  for meetings and  for possible meeting locations
and times. If you can't make it to the meeting, please reply to this email
with your thoughts on these issues.

Some of us are feeling the need to form a core group which will meet,
develop plans, and make decisions for the group.  It seemed clear a couple
of years ago that there were multiple needs:  education, events to attract
people who don't know what happened on 9/11/01, and ways to promote a  new
investigation.  The large group is not conducive to reaching  decisions on
routine, mundane issues.  It has been suggested that we vote on who should
be a part of a core group.

Agenda for Tuesday, 1/10/12

1) Elect or create a core group  (some who know the history, some with new

2) Discuss and determine the focus for the coming year

3) Meetings

- where, when; how frequently (plan for various sized groups at a variety
of sites?)

4) Break into three groups (depending on attendance) to have each group
discuss a different issue and report back to total  group
Topics, such as:
a)  Language issue - words to avoid such as conspiracy, terrorism, etc;
b)  Ideas for meetings (such as 15 min video plus discussion) other ideas
c)  Ideas for presentations such as video day such in Feb 2010   (propose
May Day bookstore and the Casket Arts)
d)  book  discussions  (such as The Dark Side;  other?)

Nate or Bruce will comment on web site, categories to be added. Shirley
will ask for volunteers for developing short presentations to take to other
groups;   I hope to have handouts regarding  proposed caucus language for
resolution requesting a new investigation into the events o 9/11/01.

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EXCO excotc [at]
Teach EXCO

Teach an EXCO class this Winter/Spring // EnseÃe una clase con Academia
TEACH an ExCo class this winter/spring! - Class applications due January
Want to share your knowledge and skills?
All are welcome to teach. Classes are free and open to everyone!
Classes can be on all kinds of subjectsâfrom gardening and bike maintenance
to feminism and anarchist anthropologyâand in all sorts of formatsâreading
groups, skill-shares, workshops, discussions.  Small amounts of funds may
be available for class supplies and honorariums.
Join the movement for free, community-led education!

Class applications due by January 20th.   Most classes will start in early
March.  Apply at or call and leave a message at
651-998-9268.  You can also pick up an application at the new South Side
Free Skool hub at the Minnehaha Free Space (3458 Minnehaha Ave. S.,
Minneapolis, MN 55406).
Questions? - email us at excotc [at]

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From: Aaron Tovo aarontovo [at]
Gitmo film 1.11  7pm

The Movie, "You Don't Like the Truth", is an award-winning documentary
about the interrogation of a Canadian teenager in Guantanamo and features
actual security camera footage of the interrogations as well as expert
testimony.  The interrogations are not violent, but they are disturbing
nonetheless as they call into question the ethics and efficacy how
officials treat adolescent prisoners.  To learn more about the film go to
Place: St Anthony Main Theater
Date: January  *11th*
Time: 7:00 PM
Price: FREE (w/suggested donation)
Website: <>      (flyer here)
Contact: AIstpaul640 [at]
Andrea Northwood, Director of Client Services at the Center for Victims of
Torture, will moderate a post-film Q&A.  She has conducted research and has
clinical experience in the assessment of post-traumatic stress disorder,
cross-cultural issues in assessment, and adolescent identity issues in
trauma survivors.

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Tumultuous Times for Democracy Compelled Moyers' Return to TV
-- Common Dreams staff report
 Published on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 by

After a nearly two year hiatus, journalist Bill Moyers will return to
television this weekend with a new show called Moyers & Company.  His
previous show, Bill Moyers' Journal, ended in 2010.

Bill Moyers is returning to public television this weekend with âMoyers &
Company.â (Chad Batka for The New York Times) According to the show's new
website at, the show will be focused on the role of
democracy in society and stipulates it will "be a political series, but not
a partisan one."

The New York Times profiled the septuagenarian journalist over the weekend
and gave a sense of the show's scope as well as a sampling of the guest

Aided by 30 employees (just over half that of âJournalâ), Mr. Moyers has
banked interviews in recent weeks with the former Reagan budget chief David
Stockman, the former Citibank chief executive John S. Reed and the poet
Rita Dove (with whom he read âThe Hillâ by Edgar Lee Masters). He also held
a marathon four-hour chat with the political scientists Jacob S. Hacker and
Paul Pierson, authors of âWinner-Take-All Politics,â which he called âthe
most important book Iâve readâ since ending the old show; it will provide
the backbone for his first three episodes.

Though he originally planned to use his "retirement" to work on a focused
documentary project on the President for whom he once worked, Lyndon B.
Johnson, he ultimately decided, as the Times reported, that âtoday is more
interesting than yesterday.â

Unlike his previous shows, which were distributed by PBS, Moyers & Company
is being distributed by American Public Television, a separate and
independent distribution company. In their announcement of the show, APT
celebrated Moyers unique brand of journalism:

In a multimedia marketplace saturated with shallow sound bites and partisan
name-calling, 'Moyers & Company' digs deeper. As the Los Angeles Times put
it in 2010, âNo one on television has centralized the discussion of ideas
as much as Moyers... He not only gives a forum to unusual thinkers, he is
truly interested in what they have to say and who they are because he
believes their ideas really matter.â

To get a sense of what's on Moyers' mind these days and where he may go
with his newest show, clips from a recent interview he gave with Val Zavala
on SoCal Connected are revealing. In a series of interview clips with
Zavala, Moyers spoke about "crony capitalism, the Occupy Wall Street
movement, and President Obama's own contribution to the economic crisis".

The core question the show seeks to address -- economic inequality and the
interplay it has with the state of American democracy -- was also the
question that most compelled Moyers' return to television. As he explained
to Zavala:

The growth of inequality in this country is the biggest story of our time.
The "have-nots" now have less than they ever did. The "have-it-alls" now
have more than they ever did. Since 1979, 40 percent of the growth of
income has gone to one percent of the population. This is changing us

You go back to the last part of the 19th century, the first gilded age.
We're living in the second gilded age. The first gilded age, the industrial
revolution, released enormous wealth at the top and excruciating misery at
the bottom. It took the populist movement, the progressive movement,
finally leading into the New Deal and the Fair Deal, before we began to
correct those imbalances.

Moyers says he's not against capitalism, and is "for prosperity." But, he
says, it's "shared prosperity" that has disappeared as stagnate wages exist
alongside huge wealth gains at the top income levels, and that "greed" has
outpaced "democracy".

On the Occupy Wall Street movement, Moyers says, he know why citizens have
taken to building encampments and demanding accountability from both
politicians and big financial institutions, saying: "They're occupying Wall
Street, because Wall Street has occupied the country."

On the role of the presidency and presidential candidates. Nobody forced
Obama to make the economic advisors he appointed to important posts, says
Moyers. He made those choices himself, he argues, and those choices have
consequences that we are all forced to live with.

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Every election
the two corporate parties
throw swine before pearls.


                                                        Shove Cove
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