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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 15:49:16 -0700 (PDT)
*P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R   03.28.12  /1*

1. Coldwater radio  3.28 7pm

2. Civil rights/KFAI 3.29 9am
3. Trayvon Martin   3.29 6pm

4. Vigil                  3.30 1pm Little Falls MN
5. Palestine vigil    3.30  4:15pm
6. Poetry              3.30 7pm

7. PC Roberts  - How the New American Empire really works
8. SJ Bramhall - Resist or die

9 Tony Human - We serve the lord [Haiku Open]

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Coldwater radio 3.28 7pm

Coldwater Radio Documentary
by Allison Herrera
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 from 7:30-8 PM
on KFAI-FM, 90.3 in Minneapolis, 106.7 in Saint Paul
or online at

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From: Lydia Howell
Civil rights/KFAI 3.29 9am

POLICE BRUTALITY (CUAPB).The Civilian Review Authority, which aims to bring
accountability and voersight to police--brought into being by Minneapoluis
voters in 1990-- and the Minneapolis Civil Rigths Department are under
attack. Both entities have already been seriously de-funded. Now,the Police
Fedeartion. Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak and the State Legislature are
working to dismantle both these organzaitons. For those who are brutazlied
or who's loved ones are killed by police would then only have the
Minneapolis Police Internal Affairs to turn to---abn organzaiton that has
never responded to police abuses with accountability. From equity in city
contracts to housing discrimination, whre would people turn without any
enforcement mechamism, such as Civil rights departments?  CUAPB meets every
Sat.1:30pm [at] Walker Church in Mpls.

Corporate media is NOT reporting on these issues! Tune into
CATALYST:politics & culture. Hosted by Lydia Howell KFAI RADIO 90.3fm Mpls
106.7fm ONLINE:live&archived for 2 weeks after broadcast on CATALYST page
at :   IT'S SPRING PLEDGE DRIVE at KFAI!~ Pledge on
CATALYST--at any amount--and you support PEOPLE POWERED RADIO and everyone
gets a premium--books, CDs DVDs and more. CALL DURING CATALYST Thursdays
9am-9:30am (612)375-9030 or pledge  at on the CATALYST page.

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From; Lydia Howell
Trayvon Martin 3.29 6pm

U of MN, COFFMAN UNION, East Bank, Minneapolis

The Twin Cities joins the rest of the country in calling for the murderer
of Florida teen, TRAYVON MARTIN, to be arrested and broguht to justice!
With a MN version of what's been called "Shoot First,Ask Questions Later"
law at our State Capitol--this is a fight that's vital for all who support
human rights to join!
[ed calls it the Fascist Brown Shirt Enabling Act]

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>From WAMM
Vigil  3.30 1pm Little Falls MN

Vigil for Peace, Economic Justice and the Environment Friday, March 30,
1:00 to 3:00 p.m. West of Highway 10 on Highway 27 (Corner of Cobornâs
Superstore and Walgreens), Little Falls.

Come one, come all. Stand with others in solidarity for peace (no more
wars), economic justice (raise the minimum wage to $10.00/hour) and the
environment. Bring your own sign or borrow one of the many that will be
available for use. Free refreshments will be served. Sponsored by: Little
Falls Partners for Peace and others. FFI: Call Robin âthe doveâ Hensel,

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From: Eric Angell <eric-angell [at]>
Subject: Palestine vigil 3.30  4:15pm

The weekly vigil for the liberation of Palestine continues at the
intersection of Snelling and Summit Aves in St. Paul. The Friday demo
starts at 4:15 and ends around 5:30. There are usually extra signs

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>From AWE
Poetry 3.30 7pm

Friday, March 30, 7:00pm Exploring Human Experience through Poetry
First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, 900 Mount Curve Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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Why the Wars Will Not End
How the New American Empire Really Works by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS
March 27, 2012

Great empires, such as the Roman and British, were extractive. The empires
succeeded, because the value of the resources and wealth extracted from
conquered lands exceeded the value of conquest and governance. The reason
Rome did not extend its empire east into Germany was not the military
prowess of Germanic tribes but Romeâs calculation that the cost of conquest
exceeded the value of extractable resources.

The Roman empire failed, because Romans exhausted manpower and resources in
civil wars fighting amongst themselves for power.  The British empire
failed, because the British exhausted themselves fighting Germany in two
world wars.

In his book, The Rule of Empires (2010), Timothy H. Parsons replaces the
myth of the civilizing empire with the truth of the extractive empire. He
describes the successes of the Romans, the Umayyad Caliphate, the Spanish
in Peru, Napoleon in Italy, and the British in India and Kenya in
extracting resources.

Parsons does not examine the American empire, but in his introduction to
the book he wonders whether Americaâs empire is really an empire as the
Americans donât seem to get any extractive benefits from it.  After eight
years of war and attempted occupation of Iraq, all Washington has for its
efforts is several trillion dollars of additional debt and no Iraqi oil.
 After ten years of trillion dollar struggle against the Taliban in
Afghanistan, Washington has nothing to show for it except possibly some
part of the drug trade that can be used to fund covert CIA operations.

Americaâs wars are very expensive.  Bush and Obama have doubled the
national debt, and the American people have no benefits from it. No riches,
no bread and circuses flow to Americans from Washingtonâs wars.  So what is
it all about?

The answer is that Washingtonâs empire extracts resources from the American
people for the benefit of the few powerful interest groups that rule
America. The military-security complex, Wall Street, agri-business and the
Israel Lobby use the government to extract resources from Americans to
serve their profits and power. The US Constitution has been extracted in
the interests of the Security State, and Americansâ incomes have been
redirected to the pockets of the 1 percent.  That is how the American
Empire functions.

The New Empire is different.  It happens without achieving conquest. The
American military did not conquer Iraq and has been forced out politically
by the government that Washington established. There is no victory in
Afghanistan, and after a decade the American military does not control the

In the New Empire success at war no longer matters.  The extraction takes
place by being at war.  Huge sums of American taxpayersâ money have flowed
into the American armaments industries and huge amounts of power into
Homeland Security. The American empire works by stripping Americans of
wealth and liberty.

This is why the wars cannot end, or if one does end another starts.
Remember when Obama came into office and was asked what the US mission was
in Afghanistan?  He replied that he did not know what the mission was and
that the mission needed to be defined.

Obama never defined the mission.  He renewed the Afghan war without telling
us its purpose. Obama cannot tell Americans that the purpose of the war is
to build the power and profit of the military/security complex at the
expense of American citizens.

This truth doesnât mean that the objects of American military aggression
have escaped without cost.  Large numbers of Muslims have been bombed and
murdered and their economies and infrastructure ruined, but not in order to
extract resources from them.

It is ironic that under the New Empire the citizens of the empire are
extracted of their wealth and liberty in order to extract lives from the
targeted foreign populations.  Just like the bombed and murdered Muslims,
the American people are victims of the American empire.

[How much longer will we take it? If it were any other enemy, we' d declare
WAR. But, since it is OUR .01%, we smile while we're kicked, robbed,
insulted, demeaned, humiliated, imprisoned, sliced, diced, and deep fat
fried. After all, we have to have some butts or other to kiss, and theirs
are big as all outdoors. Plus, they get off on it.- ed]

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS was an editor of the Wall Street Journal and an
Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.  His latest book, HOW THE ECONOMY
WAS LOST, has just been published by CounterPunch/AK Press. He can be
reached through his website

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Resist or Die  by Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
March 26th, 2012
Dissident Voice

END:CIV Resist or Die,1) according to the promo, âexamines our cultureâs
systemic addiction to violence and environmental exploitation.â The title
is drawn from Pac Man, an arcade came that first came out in 1980. In one
of the worldâs first video games, the player guides Pac Man, a small
faceless mouth, through a maze while he devours Pac Dots and tries to
escape blob monsters. The first three minutes of END:CIV superimpose a Pac
Man game over images of old growth clear cuts, belching smokestacks,
factory hog farms, wild fires, hurricanes and the US militaryâs ruthless
killing machine. The sequence ends as a gigantic âGAME OVERâ flashes across
the screen.

The film is based on the Endgame, the best selling two volume book Derrick
Jensen published in 2006. In Endgame, Jensen argues that mankind urgently
needs to bring down âcivilizationâ before it destroys the planet. He bases
his case on twenty basic premises he lists at the beginning of both
volumes. The film END:CIV examines four of them.

Premise 1 â industrialized civilization has never been and will never be
sustainable, mainly because itâs based on non-renewable resources.

The film, like Jensenâs book, traces the rise of cities, which by necessity
steal resources from distant regions and eventually denude the entire
landscape of those resources. After making the case that the corporate
elite are mindlessly and voraciously consuming an ever increasing amount of
energy, land, water and other resources, the filmmaker points out that we
live on a finite planet. He then argues that corporations will most likely
continue this greedy consumption until everything is used up â or until we
stop them.

The imagery in this section consists of shot after shot of old growth clear
cuts, through which 90% of the earthâs rainforests have been transforms
into deserts. It features cameos by indigenous and environmental activists
who argue that industrial civilization has created an elaborate
infrastructure for a lifestyle that has no future. They also point out that
no âclean green pathâ to sustainable living will ever support the extremely
wasteful way of life we have become accustomed to.

Premise 2 â traditional communities donât allow willingly allow the
confiscation of their natural and mineral resources by capitalist owners.
Accordingly, a major focus of industrialized civilization has been to
destroy indigenous communities by force. A corollary of Premise 2 is that
industrialized civilization would collapse rapidly without, if not for its
reliance on widespread violence.

This section juxtaposes common media images of violence with
consumption-related adverting and infotainment. For example one split
screen shows the aerial bombardment of Baghdad together with jewelry
specials from the shopping channel; another depicts Bangladeshi sweatshops
alongside a series of tiny butts in skin tight jeans.

In an excerpt from a public forum, Jensen explains that much of violence is
invisible and a matter of conditioning. He gives the example of the cop who
will pull a gun and drag you to jail if you donât pay your rent or satisfy
your hunger by eating off grocery shelves. He then questions the belief we
all grow up with that people have to pay for the right to exist on this

The film goes on to criticize the main message put out by the nonprofit
environmental movement we can remedy this pervasive violence and extensive
resource theft and exploitation by making politically correct purchase
choices. In the view of Jensen and other activists featured in the film,
Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Forest Ethics and similar âeco-bureaucraciesâ have
essentially sold out by making preservation of the industrial economy their
highest priority and saving the planet secondary. As Jensen points out,
future generations wonât care how much we recycled. All they will care
about is whether we leave them a living planet.

This section is also highly critical of the dogmatic stance of much of the
environmental movement towards nonviolent civil disobedience. Jensen does a
great send up of the movie Star Wars. In his version, the rebels donât
destroy Darth Vader by blowing up the death star. Instead they promote
eco-tours and Fair Trade products from endangered planets and send waves of
compassion and loving kindness towards Darth Vader, as they lock themselves
down on his ship. They also vote to condemn and exclude the renegades who
propose to blow up the death star â for allowing themselves to be
contaminated by Darth Vaderâs culture of violence.

Premise 3 â the culture (of industrialized society) as a whole and most of
its inhabitants are insane.

The section points out that, contrary to popular belief, no combination of
fossil or alternative fuels will allow us to continue our current âhappy
motoringâ society. It focuses on Albertaâs insane tar sands project, the
most environmentally destructive enterprise in history. Tar sands
production is responsible for the second highest rate of deforestation
(second to the Amazon rain forest in the world), as well as massive
waterway contamination. All this environmental devastation is occurring to
develop a technology that has one of the worst rates of Energy Return on
Investment (2:1).2

Premise 4 â from the beginning, the culture of civilization has been a
culture of occupation.

The film ends with a brief overview of the resistance movement in
Nazi-occupied Europe. In the final scene, Jensen poses the provocative and
disarming question: âIf your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down
the forests, poisoned the water and air and contaminated your food supply,
at what point would you resist?â

END:CIV Resist or Die, 2011, directed by Franklin Lopez, (Free [Creative
Commons] download [â]
EROI refers to the amount of energy returned for each unit of energy
required to extract or create the new energy. Even solar photovoltaic
cells, which arenât particularly efficient, have an EROI of 8:1. Saudi oil
has an EROI of 10:1. US oil reserves prior to 1970 had an EROI of 23:1. As
of 2000, US reserves had an EROI of 8:1 (source: Fleeing Vesuvius). [â]

Dr. Stuart Bramhall is a 63-year-old American child and adolescent
psychiatrist and political refugee in New Zealand. Her works include a
young adult novel The Battle for Tomorrow about a 16 year old girl who
participates in the blockade and occupation of the US Capitol and a memoir,
The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee. Email her at:
stuartbramhall [at] .

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The Scum Sucking Rich
Stealing from all and Sundry
to Service Mammon!


-Tony Human
showmethemoneytbone [at]


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