Honduras and Colombia Coffee Hour this Saturday
From: handsoff honduras (handsoffhondurasgmail.com)
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2021 16:25:54 -0700 (PDT)


*Saturday, June 12, 2021*

*10 a.m. – 12:00 noon*

Come join us in a follow up discussion from our past October coffee hour
that focused on the situation in Honduras and Columbia. Join us on Zoom (
) or on WAMM Facebook live stream.

Since we last met, the violence and suppression has greatly escalated in
both countries: more police and state violence, more state corruption, more
repression against Afro-Indigenous and Indigenous people in both countries,
 and increasing mobilization and protests against oppressive situations.

We are glad to have back James Patrick Jordan of Alliance for Global
Justice and Vicki Cervantes of Honduras Solidarity Network to give us
updates on the current situations in Colombia and Honduras.


James Patrick Jordan has lived in Tucson, Arizona since 1983, where he has
a long history of grassroots organizing. His main duties at AFGJ are the
facilitation of AFGJ’s labor, ecological, and Colombia solidarity
campaigns, and he is part of AFGJ’s teams for the prison imperialism
project, and the Respect for Democracy campaign against US interference in
foreign elections.

Vicki Cervantes is co-coordinator of the Honduras Solidarity Network, a
national network of Honduras solidarity groups. Cervantes has led
delegations from Canada and the US to support political prisoners,
indigenous organizations, campesino communities, and to work with Honduran
human rights organizations.


In Colombia currently there is an ongoing national strike that began April
28, 2021. There is extreme state violence with Us-supported national police
and increasing militarization. The escalation of massacres and
assassinations of social leaders, human rights defenders, and peace
signatories are occurring at a rate of more than one victim per day, the
highest rate since the beginning of the peace process negotiations in 2012.
Detentions and forced disappearances have likewise increased. Since the
national strike began, human rights defenders have recorded over 3800
police brutality cases, 60 homicides, and 1600 arbitrary detentions.  Sadly,
this situation is not new to Colombia, a country considered the worst for
human rights defenders and social leaders.

In Honduras the US supported regime of the dictator Juan Orlando Hernández
(JOH) disappears Indigenous land defenders and represses and threatens
their communities with violent displacement and turn their territories into
monoculture agriculture, tourist resorts and extractive projects. They
struggle to defend their territories against seizure by the government and
both Honduran and international developers as well as organized crime with
ties to both. They seek to exploit the coastal resources and displace the
Afro-Indigenous Garifuna people in spite of a court order by the
Inter-America Court of Human Rights which the government has ignored. The
Honduran narco-state of JOH supports suppression of human rights,
corruption, close ties with gangs, sexual violence and trafficking, lack of
development of jobs, and lack of labor rights.

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