Econominc Crisis / France / Xenophobia
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economic crisis   FROM:  Gerald Manata-29025
         REPLIES FROM:  Brian Bartholomew-29026, Craig
         Ragland-29027, luk jonckheere-29029, Raines Cohen-29030,
         Thomas Lofft-29032, Rob Sandelin-29033, Craig
         Ragland-29034, David Heimann-29038

Re: Economic Crisis - Transition Towns
         REPLY FROM:  Carol Singleton-29037

A Conversation on the Economic Crisis: How To Do It?
         FROM:  Donna Freiermuth-29040
         REPLIES FROM:  Craig Ragland-29041, Donna
         Freiermuth-29042, Terri Huggett-29043

Cohousing in France?   FROM:  spam-29035
         REPLIES FROM:  luk jonckheere-29039, Lietaert,

Community Improvement Grant Panel   FROM:  Dave Wann-29018
         REPLIES FROM:  Catherine Scott-29023, Craig

Diversity & like-mindedness   FROM:  Hans Tilstra-29016

Re: Diversity
         REPLY FROM:  David Heimann-29021

Two-tiered dues structure?   FROM:  Kay Wilson Fisk-29044

Re: Xenophobia as an inherent barrier to diversity
         REPLIES FROM:  Kay Argyle-29022, Gerald Manata-29036

RFP for Non-profit Development Consultant
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-29019
         REPLY FROM:  Craig Ragland-29020

FW: Fall Cohousing Tour:  Central Massachusetts
         FROM:  Laura Fitch-29031

Home for sale in California   FROM:  Larry Miller-29015

Re: House for sale at Roberts Creek Cohousing
         REPLIES FROM:  Gerald Manata-29012, OC611NGC-29013,
         Joanie Connors-29014, Christine Caliandro-29017

Sebastopol, CA Co-housing home for rent 6 months
         FROM:  Ben Lev-29028
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