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condo association accounting services   FROM:  Diana E Carroll-29339
         REPLIES FROM:  Denise Meier-29341, Larry Miller-29342,
         Alexander Robin A-29348, Diana E Carroll-29349, Larry
         Miller-29350, Diana Carroll-29351, Sharon
         Villines-29352, Larry Miller-29353, Diana E
         Carroll-29354, Sharon Villines-29355, Alexander Robin

Auditing   FROM:  Rob Sandelin-29343
         REPLIES FROM:  Kay Wilson Fisk-29344, Rob
         Sandelin-29345, Sharon Villines-29346

What are communities doing now that we are hitting difficult financial times?
         FROM:  vicky wason-29358
         REPLY FROM:  Robert Heinich-29359

Re: Best Places to Advertise for New Members
         REPLY FROM:  Pam Rank-29337

Online Advocacy for Cohousing?   FROM:  Craig Ragland-29335

Recording for Call-in #2: "Current economy and forming groups" is now live
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-29340

Reminder: Free Sun, Dec 7 Call-in (tomorrow)
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-29338

Re: Want to create a transcript?
         REPLY FROM:  Jenny Guy-29347

Sawyer Hill Ecovillage in the news
         FROM:  Ellen Keyne Seebacher-29357
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