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Reality Questions for our new Common House!   FROM:  maryvk-29485
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-29486, Bonnie
         Fergusson-29487, Larry Miller-29488, Rob Sandelin-29489,
         Rebecca Reid-29491, Kay Wilson Fisk-29492, Anne
         Little-29495, David Heimann-29496, Lynn Nadeau-29497, E
         Kay Argyle-29509, R.N. Johnson-29516

participating in community   FROM:  Jennifer Savin-29500
         REPLIES FROM:  David Entin-29502, Kay Wilson Fisk-29503,
         Kay Wilson Fisk-29511, Larry Miller-29512, R.N.

water filter for the common house   FROM:  Lynette Bassman-29490
         REPLIES FROM:  Lynn Nadeau-29498, Fran Hart-29504

2009 Nat'l Conference Call for Volunteers
         FROM:  Kristin Wells-29518

Inauguration invitation from Takoma Village
         FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-29484
         REPLIES FROM:  Robert Heinich-29493, Ann Zabaldo-29494

Invitation to Cohousers Coming to DC   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-29501

Re: land contracts
         REPLY FROM:  Janet Kelly-29482

Natural Home Magazine Featuring Cohousing   FROM:  Mac Thomson-29508

Orienting renters and other new people   FROM:  Rob Sandelin-29505
         REPLY FROM:  Jennifer Savin-29506

Thoughts on posting on CohoUS website on "The Audacity of Cohousing"
         FROM:  Bob Morrison-29513
         REPLY FROM:  David Entin-29514

Will you help Coho/US with some testing?   FROM:  Craig Ragland-29517

Cohousing Now!   FROM:  Craig Ragland-29521

Cohousing section of alternative healing website
         FROM:  Fred H Olson-29519

House for rent at Triple Point Cohousing - 1/24/09 1:30pm showing
         FROM:  Scott Nelson Windels-29507
         REPLY FROM:  melanie griffin-29510

House for rent, Ecovillage at Ithaca, Feb 10-March 9
         FROM:  Judy Eda-29520

Housesitting at Hearthstone in Denver   FROM:  Patty Hodgins-29483

Strawbale home for sale in Heartwood Cohousing, CO
         FROM:  Teresa Malone-29499
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