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Last week and this week the summary varies from the usual format.
It should be back to normal next week,  One of these days I may get
around to creating a way to click directly to messages but just have
not gotten the code written to do that.  Fred

cooperatives and cohousing
      Liz Ryan Cole, Craig Ragland, Raines Cohen, Sharon Villines

Design & Density vs. Affordability - It's a Choice
      Thomas Lofft

3 Cohousing Bus Tours on Sat. May 16th: MA, CA, & Mid-Atlantic
      Craig Ragland

Annual Spring Bus Tour for Mid Atlantic Cohousing!
      Ann Zabaldo

Re: medieval designs & cohousing
      Hans Tilstra

Need expert advice on residential use contracts
      Romain Cooper

Hosting an exhibit table at the 2009 Annual Conference
      Joanie Connors

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