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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 10:47:08 -0700 (PDT)
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Group ownership of a truck   FROM:  Michael Barrett-30152
         REPLIES FROM:  Nancy Baumeister-30153, Rob
         Sandelin-30154, Craig Ragland-30155, Lynn Nadeau-30156

Shared Vehicle LLC   FROM:  Audrey Watson-30157

Re: "Instant Cohousing"
         REPLIES FROM:  joyce thorn-30143, Kay Argyle-30146

2009 Pre-conference workshops   FROM:  Craig Ragland-30144

2009 Coho Conf: Wed Lunch   FROM:  Craig Ragland-30145

2009 National Cohousing Conference update
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-30147

2009 Coho Conference Update: A long, long but exceptional day
     (with video to prove it)
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-30148

2009 Coho Conference Update: quite the evening
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-30151

Cohousing Conference Keynote Address   FROM:  Thomas Lofft-30149
         REPLY FROM:  Craig Ragland-30150

Fabulous Conference - Thank You   FROM:  Mac Thomson-30159

Composting Dishes   FROM:  Sharon Villines-30160

Re: Upstate New York community forming!
         REPLY FROM:  Laura Fitch-30158
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