Contingency fund questions
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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 11:02:02 -0800 (PST)
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Annual dues   FROM:  Susan Bennett-30630
         REPLIES FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-30632, Sharon Villines-30633

Re: contingency fund questions
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-30613, Bonnie
         Fergusson-30614, Larry Miller-30615, evdavwes-30617, Rob
         Sandelin-30618, Mac Thomson-30619, Lynn Nadeau /
         Maraiah-30620, Rosemary McNaughton-30626

Getting started on the right foot   FROM:  Tamara Jackman-30629
         REPLY FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-30631

pay someone to do bookkeeping?   FROM:  Elph Morgan-30622
         REPLIES FROM:  Larry Miller-30623, Elph Morgan-30628

Re: ways to receive meeting feedback at close?
         REPLIES FROM:  Tree Bressen-30616, Sharon
         Villines-30624, Elizabeth Magill-30625

Re: Work systems
         REPLY FROM:  Diane-30621

Songaia Community founder, Stan Crow passed away yesterday
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-30634
         REPLIES FROM:  PattyMara Gourley-30635, Ann

Property for sale at Catoctin Creek Village
         FROM:  JSutcliffe2005-30627
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