Holiday Traditions at cohousing
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Gingerbread cohousing   FROM:  Odysseus Levy-30678
         REPLIES FROM:  Janet Kelly-30679, Muriel
         Kranowski-30680, Ann Zabaldo-30684

Holiday Traditions at cohousing   FROM:  Audrey Watson-30682
         REPLY FROM:  Rob Sandelin-30683

A Make-You-Smile Tale of Consensus for the Holidays
         FROM:  Diana Leafe Christian-30685

Corvallis Cohousing using Sociocracy & NVC
         FROM:  Diana Leafe Christian-30673

FW: Livability Grants Available  from   Walt
         FROM:  Laura Fitch-30675

Get out the Cohousing Vote   FROM:  Diana Leafe Christian-30672
         REPLY FROM:  Maggi-30674

Re: Question about selection/election processes
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-30670, Jessie Kome-30671

Question about using consensus for policy decisions & Sociocracy for elections
         FROM:  Diana Leafe Christian-30676

Reminder: Call for Articles, Communities #147: Education for Sustainability
         FROM:  Communities Editor-30677

Possible site in southern Delaware County, PA, near Media
         FROM:  Sally Thompson-30681
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