Collaborative Marketing / car sharing
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Collaborative Marketing   FROM:  PattyMara Gourley-30913
         REPLIES FROM:  Karen Kudia-30914, Karen Kudia-30915,
         PattyMara Gourley-30916, PattyMara Gourley-30917,
         Elizabeth Magill-30918, Muriel Kranowski-30919, Karen
         Kudia-30920, Elizabeth Magill-30921, Rob Sandelin-30922,
         Michael Barrett-30923, Ann Zabaldo-30925, Elizabeth

Marketing with Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media?
         FROM:  Kristen Simmons-30935
         REPLIES FROM:  Ellen Keyne Seebacher-30936, Ann

car sharing   FROM:  fran . levin-30938
         REPLIES FROM:  Rob Sandelin-30941, Jeanne Goodman-30942,
         Jeanne Goodman-30943, Elph Morgan-30945, Audrey
         Watson-30946, lcamundsen-30947, Racheli Gai-30949

Board Games that teach consensus/cooperation
         FROM:  JoLynn Doerr-30930
         REPLIES FROM:  Joanie Connors-30931, David
         Heimann-30939, Lyle Scheer-30944, Fran Hart-30948

Re: CohoUS support for affordable cohousing and forming communities - Soon!
         REPLIES FROM:  Brian Bartholomew-30905, R.N.
         Johnson-30908, Brian Bartholomew-30909

Re: Meal Participation Program
         REPLIES FROM:  lienjud-30927, Joelyn Malone-30928,
         Mariana Almeida-30932

2 articles/reports about community living
         FROM:  Marganne Meyer-30906

AlterNet: Can 'Eco-Villages' Be Sustainable Without Being Exclusive?
         FROM:  melgrif-30940

Are Your Reserves Running on Empty?   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-30929

CohoUS strategic planning   FROM:  Grace Kim-30933

Cohousing: Growing Smart Communities - 1 Day Regional Conference!
         FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-30924

Floor Plans   FROM:  Sharon Villines-30907

Job Description for Members of Affordable Cohousing Task Group
         FROM:  Grace Kim-30912

Workshare   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-30934

Unit for rent at Manzanita Village Cohousing in Prescott, AZ
         FROM:  Jenny Williams-30910

2BR/2BA unit for sale at  Eastern Village Cohousing
         FROM:  Rodney Elin-30911
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