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Re: getting money up front
         REPLIES FROM:  Cindy T-31008, vandeist-31014

getting money up front and non-profit legal structure
         FROM:  Kristen Simmons-31020
         REPLY FROM:  David Heimann-31047

Cost estimates   FROM:  Marganne Meyer-31036
         REPLIES FROM:  Robert Heinich-31037, Sharon
         Villines-31039, Cindy T-31040, Diana E Carroll-31041,
         Kristen Simmons-31043, Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-31044,
         Craig Ragland-31045, Marganne Meyer-31059, Marganne
         Meyer-31060, Marganne Meyer-31061, Matt Lawrence-31062,
         Marganne Meyer-31063, Diana E Carroll-31066

Self building   FROM:  Rob Sandelin-31042

ball park figures   FROM:  Jennifer Flynn-31072

the concept of cohousing v. actual cohousing
         FROM:  Kristen Simmons-31016
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-31017, Ann Zabaldo-31018,
         Kristen Simmons-31021, Karen Kudia-31022, Kristen
         Simmons-31024, R.N. Johnson-31025, PattyMara
         Gourley-31027, Sharon Villines-31028, Jennifer

Options [was the concept of cohousing v. actual cohousing]
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-31032
         REPLIES FROM:  Jessie Kome-31033, Sharon Villines-31034,
         Kristen Simmons-31035

Cohousing vs. communal   FROM:  Alex Kent-31038
         REPLIES FROM:  Brian Tremback-31048, Alex Kent-31053,
         Arielle Greenberg Bywater-31054, Kristen Simmons-31055,
         Craig Ragland-31057

Trailer Park as Community   FROM:  Blaise Tobia-31077
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-31079, Rob
         Sandelin-31081, Anne Little-31082, melanie
         griffin-31083, Sharon Villines-31085, Marganne
         Meyer-31086, Marganne Meyer-31088, Marganne Meyer-31089,
         Marganne Meyer-31090, Matt Lawrence-31091

Re: Taxe Exempt Expenses & the Idea of Cohousing Expenses
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-31006, Diana
         Carroll-31007, Sharon Villines-31009, Rosemary

Attracting families to already existing cohousing communities
         FROM:  Silas Langley-31052
         REPLIES FROM:  Michael Barrett-31056, Marganne

building rentals   FROM:  Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-31069
         REPLIES FROM:  Rob Sandelin-31080, Marganne Meyer-31087

Construction Cost Overruns   FROM:  David Entin-31046
         REPLY FROM:  Marganne Meyer-31064

Re: ecovillage vs cohousing distinctions
         REPLIES FROM:  Fred H Olson-31019, Craig Ragland-31026,
         Sharon Villines-31029

2010 National Cohousing Conference: Registration is now open
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-31030
         REPLY FROM:  Craig Ragland-31058

Repost - Job Description for Members of Affordable Cohousing Task Group
         FROM:  Grace Kim-31051


Cohousing builders: raising compliance - lowering corruption ?
         FROM:  Bill & Ashi Thompson-31068

Fwd: Google asking for information about communities interested in super fast 
internet to the home
         FROM:  Scott Nelson Windels-31013

How to order Ann Zabaldo's book?   FROM:  Marty Maskall-31049
         REPLY FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-31050

Want to live in Co-housing Now?   FROM:  Zita Xavier-31067

Close-in Portland lot?   FROM:  Elizabeth Wren Shiffler-31023

Cohousing Blizzard Story   FROM:  Sharon Villines-31010
         REPLIES FROM:  PattyMara Gourley-31011, Jessie

Creating Cohousing in South Florida   FROM:  Lynne B D-31015

loudon county ecovillage?   FROM:  Sadie Moss-31071
         REPLIES FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-31075, Ann Zabaldo-31076

Pacific Gardens is offering a $40,000 discount
         FROM:  Susana Michaelis-31073
         REPLY FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-31074

Waste treatment options for clusters   FROM:  Lynnwood Brown-31070
         REPLY FROM:  Brian Tremback-31078
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