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NOTE: Two week's summary below. I forgot last week. Sorry. Fred

Re: Advice on resolving conflicts
         REPLIES FROM:  Tree Bressen-31188, sharon-31189, Mark
         Harfenist-31191, sharon-31192, Rob Sandelin-31193

Fwd: [Media Inquiries] great cohousing article in New Moon Girls magazine
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-31225
         REPLIES FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-31226, Mariana Almeida-31228

Can't find New Moon article   FROM:  Patty Hodgins-31230
         REPLIES FROM:  Jennifer Flynn-31231, Bob Morrison-31234,
         lienjud-31236, Patty Hodgins-31237, Craig Ragland-31239,
         Mariana Almeida-31241

New Moon problem solved   FROM:  Patty Hodgins-31240

Kids in Cohousing   FROM:  Thomas Lofft-31232

"process junkies" versus not [WAS resolving conflict]
         FROM:  Eris Weaver-31207
         REPLIES FROM:  Diana E Carroll-31208, Lynn Nadeau /

Are you Keeping your "Seniors" at home in your community?
         FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-31220
         REPLY FROM:  Craig Ragland-31221

Community Integration at Jamaica Plain   FROM:  Thomas Lofft-31212
         REPLY FROM:  Kristen Simmons-31218

Re: conforming mortgage loans
         REPLY FROM:  Susan Coberly-31190

Re: conforming mortgage question
         REPLIES FROM:  Kristen Simmons-31201, Diana E

consensus & voting   FROM:  Tree Bressen-31187

Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage founder slideshow tomorrow (Berkeley, CA)
         FROM:  Raines Cohen-31200

Exciting News About the Sat. March 20th Conference!
         FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-31204

Green Cohousing Condos   FROM:  Sally Thompson-31227

keypad locks: information requested   FROM:  Ruth Hirsch-31213
         REPLIES FROM:  Larry Miller-31215, Scott Nelson

Re: looking for a green cohousing developer
         REPLY FROM:  Laura Fitch-31186

Re: process junkies...or not
         REPLY FROM:  Mark Harfenist-31211

Re: Use of visual aids in business meetings
         REPLIES FROM:  sharon-31194, Fred H Olson-31195

Mar 20 Coho-Events: one-day conference at the Univ. of Maryland AND a day-long 
Cohousing Tour in the San Francisco Bay Area
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-31235
         REPLIES FROM:  Craig Ragland-31238, Meg Easling-31242,
         Neil - (Coho/US)-31216

Call for presenters: 2010 Natl Cohousing Conference (Deadline Mar 12)
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-31203

2010 Natl Coho Conference Registration: Early Bird pricing ends on March 31
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-31223

Pacific Gardens Cohousing, Nanaimo BC, in the news!
         FROM:  Susana Michaelis-31224

         FROM:  Sharon Mondry-31214
         REPLY FROM:  Diane-31222

Place to stay in Boulder for Conference   FROM:  Joani Blank-31197

         FROM:  Sally Thompson-31229
         REPLIES FROM:  Raines Cohen-31196, Fred H Olson-31199

Looking for Healthy, Dynamic Soul to Join Heartwood Coho
         FROM:  Zita Xavier-31219

For Sale: 3 BR 2Bath in Nevada City Cohousing
         FROM:  Larry Hierman-31205
         REPLIES FROM:  melanie griffin-31206, Jan DeKenis-31209,
         Larry Hierman-31233

Ecovillage Open House in Yarrow, BC (1 hour east of Vancouver)
         FROM:  Beverly Jones Redekop-31198
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