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Need Suggestions for complying with bank guidelines to opening cohousing bank 
accounts etc
         FROM:  Leslye Janusz-31328
         REPLIES FROM:  Diana Carroll-31329, Elph Morgan-31330,
         Kristen Simmons-31331, Ann Zabaldo-31332, Sharon
         Villines-31333, Elph Morgan-31335, Thomas Lofft-31336,
         Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-31337, Leslye Janusz-31338

Non-developer building?   FROM:  Nicole Lorsong-31315
         REPLIES FROM:  VAN DEIST-31316, Bryan Bowen-31318, Fred
         H Olson-31319, Rod Lambert-31323

Re: Covenants Conditions and Restrictions?
         REPLIES FROM:  Peg Blum-31313, Thomas Lofft-31320, Janet

Re: Funding for persons with disabilities
         REPLIES FROM:  false-31317, Sharon Villines-31321

Re: Two Units for Sale at Takoma Village
         REPLIES FROM:  David Heimann-31314, Sharon

Re: Urban farming
         REPLIES FROM:  lcamundsen-31312, steveulsh2-31325

CohoUS seeking additional board members   FROM:  Grace Kim-31327

Beep! Beep! Mid Atlantic Cohousing Spring Bus Tour! Sat. May 15th
         FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-31339

Cohousing Bus Tours in Portland, Seattle, DC, Boston and San Francisco! Come, 
come, whoever you are...
         FROM:  Neil - (Coho/US)-31334

Is your community represented at the 2010 Natl Cohousing Conference?
         FROM:  Craig Ragland-31324
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