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Map of Cohousing Communities   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-31907
         REPLIES FROM:  R.P. Aditya-31908, Fred H Olson-31909,
         al-31910, Craig Ragland-31912, Sharon Villines-31913,
         Ellen Keyne Seebacher-31915, Craig Ragland-31916, Naomi

Re: right of first refusal
         REPLIES FROM:  David Heimann-31901, Sharon
         Villines-31902, David Heimann-31904, Sharon
         Villines-31905, evdavwes-31906

Co-owned vehicles in North Carolina
         FROM:  Daniel Lindenberger-31897
         REPLY FROM:  Robert Heinich-31899

E-car buddies [was: Co-owned vehicles in North Carolina
         FROM:  Fred H Olson-31900

Dealing with a difficult community member
         FROM:  SweetSoulDreamin-31911
         REPLY FROM:  lcamundsen-31914

Hard floor scrubber   FROM:  Jean Konzal-31918

Re: How do we hold each other accountable?
         REPLY FROM:  Greg Nelson-31891

Virus spam to Cohousing-L   FROM:  Fred H Olson-31898

Have one discount ticket for Bay Area Tour, Aug 21
         FROM:  Leslye Janusz-31896

House for rent at Pioneer valley   FROM:  Rebecca Reid-31890

House for Sale in Springhill Cohousing - UK
         FROM:  judysfoster-31903
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