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NOTE: This summary covers nearly a month when I somehow failed to prepare 
weekly summaries.

If you find the cohousing-L summaries useful, please write and tell me.
Send to fholson [at] or even reply to this message.

I only had one reply to my message "Discontinue cohousing summary mailings?" 
that I sent instead of
a summary last week. Full message:

The lack of replies leads me to conclude that the utility people find in the 
summaries does not
warrant the effort required to  produce the summaries at present (it take maybe 
5-10 minutes to add
a little judgement to the software preparation of summaries puting threads in 
somehat significance
order and a crafted subject line that summarizes most significant threads.)

I am considering reducing the manual manipulation of summaries and maybe 
further automating them.
The summary below is what software produces without reordering threads. They 
are in alphabetical
order by subject line (ignoring "Re:")  tho I might be able to get software to 
put them in order of
number of replies. The subject line is borrowed from the thread with the most 
replies. Software
could do that. So I am considering modifying the software to require less 
effort but it is hard to
imagine a totally automated process due to glitches in format. And software 
development takes time.
I'm still pondering.


a video of the community where Jackson Place Cohousing is located
         FROM:  S. Kashdan-33499

Book parties! (Northern CA)   FROM:  Eris Weaver-33523

Call for Articles: Communities #154: Spirituality
         FROM:  Communities Editor-33529

charging for common house events   FROM:  Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-33514
         REPLIES FROM:  Eris Weaver-33515, Sharon Villines-33516,
         Ann Maria Bell-33518

Re: conservation easement
         REPLY FROM:  Liz Ryan Cole-33519

Developmental stages of cohousing   FROM:  Charles Durrett-33513

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Cohousing   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-33520
         REPLIES FROM:  Elizabeth Magill-33521, Liz Ryan
         Cole-33522, Fred H Olson-33525, Diane-33526, Richard

EcoVillage at Ithaca - 20 Day History Series on!
         FROM:  Rebecca Disbrow-33531

end of summer: labor day   FROM:  audrey-33540

Google & Cohousing Condominiums   FROM:  Sharon Villines-33539

Happy Labor Day!  Crop Mobbing    FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-33536
         REPLY FROM:  John Beutler-33537

House for sale in Calif. - NC Coho   FROM:  Lisa Lackey-33546

House for sale in Calif. - PCHC   FROM:  Fred H Olson-33517

Hudson Valley: a taste of CoHousing/housesit
         FROM:  Ruth Hirsch-33547

Lancaster update, and payment in lieu of work contribution?
         FROM:  Fiona Frank-33500

Mansion availble cheap (?) in Albany, NY   FROM:  Fred H Olson-33509
         REPLIES FROM:  Sharon Villines-33510, Sharon
         Villines-33511, Wayne Tyson-33512

Participation Rates (WAS Developmental Stages of Cohousing )
         FROM:  Eris Weaver-33496
         REPLY FROM:  Holly McNutt-33497

Passive House - energy efficiency   FROM:  Fred H Olson-33501
         REPLIES FROM:  Norman Gauss-33502, Fred H Olson-33503,
         Elizabeth Magill-33504, Norman Gauss-33505, James
         Kacki-33506, Norman Gauss-33507

Re: Passive house
         REPLY FROM:  Jerry McIntire-33508

Re: Posting Community Photographs (Sharon Villines)
         REPLIES FROM:  Randy Sailer-33534, Sharon Villines-33535

Posting Community Photographs   FROM:  Sharon Villines-33532
         REPLIES FROM:  Jessie Kome-33533, Catya Belfer-33549

Question re maintenance of CH outside doors   FROM:  rhmorrison-33527
         REPLY FROM:  Norman Gauss-33530

Rental Opportunity Berlin, MA   FROM:  Elizabeth Magill-33524

Santa Fe, NM Community   FROM:  Shari Hirst-33498

Sept. 11   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-33544

small business/job creation in cohousing
         FROM:  Jerome Garciano-33542
         REPLIES FROM:  Craig Ragland-33543, Judith Bush-33545

Soap box on meeting agenda   FROM:  Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah-33495

Wordpress for Cohousing & Other Community Websites
         FROM:  Sharon Villines-33538
         REPLIES FROM:  karen.sheldon [at], Catya
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