Exit signs / fireplaces
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Note that there were very few messages last week and no summary.  Fred

Beep-Beep!  Beep-Beep!   We're Baaaaaack!   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-34256

Call for Articles: Communities #156: Ecovillages
         FROM:  Communities Editor-34254

car sharing   FROM:  CAROL AGATE-34287
         REPLY FROM:  Lautner, Patricia-34288

Emergency preparedness   FROM:  Heather Carver-34278

Exit Signs & Fire Panel Experience & Fireplaces (Nubanusit)
         FROM:  Richard Pendleton-34280

Exit Signs and Other Ugly Things   FROM:  Sharon Villines-34266
         REPLIES FROM:  Kay Wilson Fisk-34268, Sharon
         Villines-34269, Fred H Olson-34271, R Philip
         Dowds-34272, Sharon Villines-34273, Joanie
         Connors-34274, Thomas Lofft-34275, Katie Henry-34276,
         Oz-34279, Sharon Villines-34282, Bryan Bowen-34284, Dane
         Laverty-34285, Sharon Villines-34286

fireplaces   FROM:  Carol Agate-34257
         REPLIES FROM:  David Pierce-34258, Sharon
         Villines-34259, Joanie Connors-34260, Elizabeth
         Magill-34261, R Philip Dowds-34262, Peter Orbeton-34263,
         Brian Tremback-34264, audrey-34265, R.N. Johnson-34281,
         Liz Ryan Cole-34283

law change?   FROM:  Joanie Connors-34267

Legal structure for development   FROM:  Jerry McIntire-34253

rental?   FROM:  s berliner-34277

San Francisco Cohousing - Getting It Built Workshop
         FROM:  Lauren Mendoza-34255

Sociocracy workshop March 31 in Amherst MA
         FROM:  Jerry Koch-Gonzalez-34270
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